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Re: Angela Weber

Post by samajama »

I loved Angela from the first time Bella met her. She reminds me so much of myself that it's a little eerie. Maybe that's why I want my own personal Ben. Sigh. He's so awesome. And human :lol:
I'm finding a a nice guy for Angela (so says my rank), so maybe I can keep Ben for myself. Muhahaha. I do love her, though. =)
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Re: Angela Weber

Post by Amivera »

I wish Angela had more personality. She was great and all, she really reminds me of myself— except that I've got like 20 different selves, because no one is JUST the shy girl.
Those shy girls have more personality. With their friends they could be the crazy random girls. At parties they could be the wild girls that get drunk or dance provocatively. I just found out today that a distant, very shy, extremely Angela-like friend of mine had sex in the band room during lunch. My mouth literally fell open. You just wouldn't expect it.

What I mean is, Angela had a great basic personality, but she was a very flat character. I was waiting for some humor to come out of her— something that showed she wasn't *just* a character built to give Bella comfort. I think that's what it was though.
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Re: Angela Weber

Post by ilovetwilight »

i love angela!! i think her and seth should get together, seth should imprint on her lol. although that would mean that she would have to leave little ben cheney=(
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Re: Angela Weber

Post by bella_love3 »

angela is such a nice character and i love how edward can use her becasue her mind is so pure unlike jessica's.and she does have a lack in personality id have to agree with that.
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Re: Angela Weber

Post by navarre »

I thought it was cool how Edward had set up and brought together Ben and Angela in MS. That was a neat thing for him to do for her.

Angela was truly a sincere and kind girl.
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Re: Angela Weber

Post by inlovewithmyJasper54 »

I love Angela because she's the best human friend Bella gets and she might not know all of Bellas story, but she still is very understanding and kind to her, no matter what. SM really shows how good of a friend she is when she talks to Bella again in NM after Bellas Zombie days. lol
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Re: Angela Weber

Post by ashiekins16 »

Of Bella's friends, besides the Cullens of course, she is my favorite. She not all mean to Bella and she really is a good friend. I love her line about Edward "being human". She is cool and I'd love a friend like her. Haha...I love the fictional friends. :D
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Re: Angela Weber

Post by likeameteor »

Angela is definately the most genuinely lovely human friend Bella had. I think her and Seth would be kind of cute together, but her and Ben are sweet too. I wonder if they ever got married or anything? What do you guys think?
Sure, she should have had a bit more personality, but she is still a truly sweet and kind girl. She deserves to be happy, but I wish she was more kind of in with the vampires - as in she knew about them and everything. But maybe the fact that she's just a lovely human girl is what makes her so great.
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Re: Angela Weber

Post by Destani »

Angela was such a sweet person and a great friend to Bella. I'm glad she ended up with Ben. She deserves to be happy.

I think she's much better suited to being a human. I couldn't picture her having anything to do with the supernatural.
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Re: Angela Weber

Post by sachael »

i just hoped that bella paid more attention to angela rather than jess.. she's a lot nicer and does not show any fake emotions to bella.. and angela having a special ability won't hurt at all.. ;)
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