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Favorite Quotes from the Saga

Post by be my escape »

What is your favorite quote and why? Please include the page number if you can so we can look it up.
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Re: Favorite Quotes

Post by eizel »

i have a lot.. but this quote cracked me up..

"did you know that i told you so has a brother? his name is shut the hell up
-bella cullen

im not sure if thats the exact quote i dont have my book w/ me ryt now.....
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Re: Favorite Quotes

Post by higgin704 »

"How strongly are you opposed to Grand Theft Auto?"
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Re: Favorite Quotes

Post by Monica »

"Look after my heart, I've left it with you"-Edward Cullen.

Makes my heart melt just a little everytime I read it. :)
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Re: Favorite Quotes

Post by G-Faerie08 »

"Do I dazzle you?"

I got all tingly after I read this part. Oh how I wish I could find a guy like Edward Cullen..
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Re: Favorite Quotes

Post by NessieCullen »

It's along the lines of "For someone so small, you are hugely irritating" or something like that. Edward says it to Alice when she threatens to tell Bella where her honeymoon is in BD.


It's "You're awfully small to be so hugely irritating" and soon will be added to my siggy, so don't think I'm a huge ditz for not knowing that it's in there.
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Because they were meant to be. (And vampires are SO much hotter!)
FAVE QUOTE: Edward "You're awfully small to be so hugely irritating."
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Re: Favorite Quotes

Post by jReIsTsCiHcIaE »

"lingerie. very lingerie-ish lingerie, with French tags."

ok, I'm not sure about anyone else, but that kind of cracked me up.
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Re: Favorite Quotes from the Saga

Post by jenni_elyse »

My very favorite line isn't a quote. It's just a line from Bella's narration. And, it's the very last line in the entire series (pg. 754 of Breaking Dawn). I just love it because it means that everything is right in the world! ;)
"And then we continued blissfully into this small but perfect piece of our forever."
My second favorite quote is from Eclipse. Edward says it to Bella on page 277.
"I would have wanted you for eternity, even when the word didn't have quite the same connotations."
What can I say, except that I'm a sap! :roll:
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Re: Favorite Quotes from the Saga

Post by Bella's_Mommy »

Ok....so I can't find what page it's on.....But it's in Eclipse when Bella is trying to describe her relationship with Edward, (After she's already made the decision to become a vampire and they are engaged.) She says something to the effect of,

"He is not the love of my life, because I will love him much longer than that. He is the LOVE OF MY EXISTENCE!"

Wow....that gets me everytime! I have that written on my Wedding Album now.
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Re: Favorite Quotes from the Saga

Post by she's diabolical... »

Breaking Dawn quotes!!!!

"How are your feet?" He asked
Knowing he didn't mean that literally, i answered, "toasty warm."

"i'll miss my friends, especially Mike. Oh, Mike! How will i go on?"
He growled.

"...i might fall asleep during the ceremony and not be able to say 'i do' at the right part and then Edward will make his escape."
"i'll throw my bouguet at you when it gets close."

"Theyre back."
"keep him out of here!"
"He won't cross you today," rosalie reassured her. "He values his life too much."

"Don't let me fall dad."
-Bella (i think this is one of the cutest lines in the book this is where i almost started crying)

"Enjoying the party Mrs. Cullen?" -edward

"If i could get the voices out of my head, being a wolf would be about perfect."
"Yeah, i can't get mine to shut yup either."
"in your case, that would mean your insane."

"Your monopolizing the bride... Let me dance with my little sister. This could be my last chance to make her blush." -Emmett

"I could get used to this...of never having to let you go."
"Never." he promised and he leaned down to kiss me.
-bella and edward

"Bella! it's time!"
i felt a flicker of irritation at my new sister for the interruption.
Edward ignored her; his lips were hard against mine, more urgent than before.
"Do you want to miss your plane? im sure you'll have a lovely honeymoon camped out at the airport waiting for another flight."
Edward turned his face slightly to murmur "Go away alice," and then pressed his lips to mine again.
"Bella do you want to wear that dress on the airplane?" she demanded.
i wasn't really paying attention. At the moment, i simply didn't care.
Alice growled quietly. "i'll tell her where you're taking her, Edward. So help me i will."
He froze. Then he lifted his face from mine and glared at his favorite sister. "You're awfully small to be so hugely irritating."

"sorry alice." i apologized.
"i dont blame you bella," she sighed. " you don't seem to be able to help yourself."

"Aren't you supposed to wait for the threshold?" i asked breathless, as he sprung lightly out of the boat.
He grinned. "im nothing if not thorough."

"Beautiful." i said looking up at the moon too.
"It's alright...but i wouldnt use the word BEAUTIFUL, not with you standing here in comparison."

"Forever." he agreed and then pulled us gently into deeper water.

"THAT." i snapped. "that right there is why i am angry. you are KILLING MY BUZZ, edward."

"How much trouble am i in?" i asked in a small voice.
"Heaps," he said.

"Hmm." I frowned. "You'd think i would have heard that."
"You seem to be extraordinarily unobservant when your attention is otherwise involved."
"i was a bit absorbed," i admitted

"So will there be more distruction?"
He laughed at my expression. "i think it might be safer if it's premeditated, rather than if i wait for you to assault me again."

"since when do you need help old man?"
"My arms are tired. I pushed myself all the way here from Sue's."
"it's downhill. You coasted the whole way."

"Just back up a second. She won't LET you. did you ever notice that she's exactly as strong as a normal hundred-and-ten-pound human girl? How stupid are you vamps? Hold her down and knock her out with drugs."

"Why didn't i just walk away? oh right, because i'm an idiot."

I felt like-- like i don't know what. like this wasn't real. like i was in some goth version of a bad sitcom. Instead of being the A/V dweeb about to ask the head cheerleader to the prom, i was the finished-second-place werewolf about to ask the vampires wife to shack up and procreate. Nice.

"i'm not going to lie bells. You're hideous."
"i know, im scary looking."
"thing-from-the-swamp scary." i agreed.

"I told you---"
"Did you know that 'i told you so' has a brother, jacob?... His name is 'Shut the hell up.'"
"Good one."
"i can't take the credit. i got it off a rerun of the simpsons."

"it'll work out you know," she said after a quiet minute. "I believe that."
"Is dementia one of your symptoms?"

"More than anyone else, jake, youve got some magic waiting to make things right for you."

"Tell me what was the point then, Bella! Wat was the point of me loving you? What was the point of YOU loving HIM? When you die-- how is that ever right again? Whats the point to all the pain? Mine, yours, his! You'll kill him too, not that i care about that. So what was the point of your twisted love story in the end?"

"Your not planning on surviving this human... emergency Vampirization."

"I wish i could explain it to you so that you would understand. I can't hurt him"--she pointed to her stomach-- "any more than i could pick up a gun and shoot you. I love him."
"Why do you always have to love the wrong things bella?"
"I don't think i do."

"Get your furry butt back to LA push and do what sam tells you to!"

"Shut up seth."
"Yes sir."
"Stop that!"
-jacob and seth

"Stop being so...optimistic, its getting on my nerves."
"No problem. Do you want me to be all gloom and doom or just shut up?"
"Just shut up."
"Can do."
-Jacob and seth

"MAybe we should be thinking something like 'we come in peace.'"
"Go for it."
"Edward?" he called the name tentatively. "Edward, you there? Okay, i feel kinda stupid."
"you sound stupid too."
-jacob and seth

"Hey Edward. If you can hear me-- circle the wagons bloodsucker. You've got a problem."

"Nice to have toddlers guarding the fort."

"Wanna race, O fearless leader?" -LEah

"Seth, go let the cullens know that it's just your stupid sister."

"Seth, are you gonna get mad at me if i kill your sister?"
"Well...yeah, probably."
-jacob and seth

"Yes. Bella is already a daughter to me. A beloved daughter."

"Magical almost."

"So, who's going to catch me a grizzly bear?"

and then Carlisle and the Psycho in question were there...

"It was really too bad he couldn't hear bella's thoughts. Then he'd annoy the crap out of her too, and she'd get tired of him too."

"Something funny?"
"Jake's a crack-up." she agreed
Great, now i was the court jester. "Bada bing."

"We'd all caught a glimpse. And it wasn't like she wasnt worth looking at; it was just that it was so not worth it when she caught you thinking about it later."

"if it helps bella, its a good thing right?"
Both leah and i stared at him.
"Mom dropped him a lot when he was a baby." Leah told me.
"on his head, apparently."
"He used to gnaw on the crib bars, too."
"Lead paint?"
"looks like it," she thought
"Funny. Why don't you two shut up and sleep?"
-Leah seth and jake

"i'd tell you to get some sleep, but my guess is that youre going to pass out on the floor in about six seconds, so there's probably no point."
I headed for the door, counting off the seconds for her as i walked.
"one mississippi, two mississippi...'

"You know how to drown a blonde Rosalie? glue a mirror to the bottom of a pool."
"ive already heard that one." rosalie calle after me.

"Do you want a pillow?" Alice asked me.
"No." i mumbled. What was with all the pushy hospitality? it was creeping me out.

"Whats for breakfast? O negative, or AB positive?"

"Shut up please, Seth."

"Thanks anyway alice, but i don't think i'd want to eat something blondie's spit in. I'd bet my system wouldnt take to kindly to venom."
"Rosalie would never embarrass Esme by displaying such a lack of hospitality."
"Of COURSE not." rosalie mumbled

"you'd tell me if she poisoned it, right?"

"Hey do you know what they call a blonde with a brain?" i asked, and then continued in the same breath, "a golden retriever."
"Ive heard that one too."
"i'll keep trying." i promised

With an earsplitting BANG-- it smashed flat before it ricocheted across the room and snapped the round top piece off the thick newel post at the foot of the stairs.
Bella twitched but didn't wake up.
"Dumb blond." i muttered.
Rosalie turned her head slowly, her eyes were blazing.
"You. Got. Food. In. My. Hair."
That did it. i busted up.

"Whats so funny?" she mumbled.
"I got food in her hair." i told her.

"Hey wolf."
"Hey shortie."
-alice and jake

"Edward's going to end up ripping Rose into small pieces, i think. I'm surprised she doesnt see that. OR maybe she thinks Emmett will be able to stop him."
"i'll take emmett," i offered. "you can help Edward with the ripping part."

"you look tired." Bella commented.
"dead beat."
"I''D like to beat you dead." Rosalie muttered

"What? What's he thinking now?"
"He loves you," edward whispered, sounding dazed. "He absolutely adores you."

"Hey, you okay? Hello? You there, with the stolen car."

"If youre feeling that remorseful over boosting the car, you could always turn yourself in."

"Id better get this car back to te guy i borrowed it from," i muttered.
"Glad to hear youre going dtraight."
"Yeah, you convinced me."
-jake and lizzie

"HE has one of the purest, sincerest, KINDEST, minds i've ever heard. Youre lucky to have his thoughts to share."
-edward on Seth. (I love seth)

"Whats that?
"My venom."

The gravity of the earth no longer tied me to the place where i stood.
It was the baby girl in the blond vampire's arms that held me here now.

From upstairs, there was a new sound. The only sound that could touch me in this endless instant.
A frantic pounding, a racing beat...
a changing heart.

"Reality was knowing there was something so much more important than all of this torture, and not being able to remember what it was.
Reality had come on so fast."

"Ripping. Breaking. Agony."

"You stay with ME now, Bella! Do you hear me? STay! you're not leaving me. Keep your heart Beating!"
Jacob? jacob, still here, still trying to save me.
Of course, i wanted to tell him. Of course i would keep my heart beating. Hadn't i promised them both?

Edward. Edward. My life and his were twisted into a single strand. Cut one, and you cut both. If he were gone, i would not be able to live through that. If i were gone, he wouldn't live through it either. And a world without Edward seemed completely pointless. Edward HAD to exhist.

"she's going to be dazzling."
Edward growled quietly. "She always has been."

For a moment, the absence of pain was all i could comprehend. And then i opened my eyes and gazed above me in wonder.

"His hand stroked my cheek again, and i all but forgot my distress as another wave of desire rippled through my motionless body."

"it was like he'd never kissed me--like this was our first kiss. and, in truth, he'd never kissed me THIS way before.
It almost made me feel guilty. Surely i was in breach of the contract. I couldn't be allowed to have this, too."

I'd forgotten we weren't alone. And then i realized that the way i was curved around edward was not exactly polite for company.
Embarrassed, i half-stepped away in another instantaneous movement. "youve been holding out on me!" i accused in my sing-song voice.

"Disappointed?" i asked.
He laughed. "yes." he admitted
I felt the shock break through the composed mask on my face, followed instantly by the hurt.
Alice snarled, Jasper leaned forward again, waiting for me to snap.
But edward ignored them and wrapped his arms tightly around my newly frozen form, pressing his lips to my cheek. "i was rather hoping that i'd be able to hear your mind, now that it is more similar to my own. and here i am, as frustrated as ever, wondering what could possibly be going on inside your head."

"her fashion sense hasn't improved as much as her balance." -alice

"It goes against the grain... letting you wrestle with lions. I was having an anxiety attack the whole time."
"Old habits die hard."

"Let's go hunt some stinking herbivores." -Bella

MAybe this was the part of my new life that i'd brought foward to be intensified in my new life. Like carlisle's compassion and Esme's devotion. I would probably never be able to do anything interesting or special like Edward, alice or jasper could do. Maybe i would just love Edward more than anyone in the history of the world had ever loved anyone else.
i could live with that

"Tell me about her."
"she's like nothing else in the world."
-Bella and edward

"Jacob isn't suffering, though i might be willing to change his condition."

"don't breathe." he cautioned me urgently.

"Maybe im hoping she'll get irritated and rip your head off." edward suggested.

"But..." jacob began
"But nothing." edward said, suddenly exasperated. "Bella needs to see OUR daughter. Ger out of her way."

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