Girls With Glasses are Sexy Too

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Girls With Glasses are Sexy Too

Post by Pel »

Hey everyone!!!

So, here is a thread for people with glasses...

Here we can talk about the annoyences of glasses, when we got the, expiriences with glasses/contacts, etc.

Thanks to Bella Masen Cullen, who enocouraged me to start this thread, based on a comment I made on the Contacts thread.
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Re: Girls With Glasses are Sexy Too

Post by 22.FireandIce »

umm.. I love my glasses!!

Skinny yet cute. pink and black. =]
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Re: Girls With Glasses are Sexy Too

Post by xoxocamille »

I just got my new glasses last week!
It's black on the outside, light purple on the inside.
Awesome, no?

I cant live without it.
I am legally blind, jeebus.
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Re: Girls With Glasses are Sexy Too

Post by *Aros_girl* »

I love my glasses

They are black on the out side and blue on the inside
and they are half frames

I love them

My site!!!
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Re: Girls With Glasses are Sexy Too

Post by Edward Cullen Fan »

Since I was about five I've always had horrible eyesight. They knew they needed to do something when I walked into the men's room at Burger King. lol.

I used to always either lose them or get them crushed somehow. I used to also never wear them. Now I wear them all the time and I feel better and more confident with them on. I have worse eyesight then my mom. That's pretty bad. I like that glasses make you look intelligent. (Laughs while tremembering the Rocko's Modern Life episode).
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Re: Girls With Glasses are Sexy Too

Post by ragdoll »

I got my glasses when I was 11 and I always hated wearing them but I have new ones now so I love them. I have contacts too but I don't wear them all the time, though I have to say they're great when it's raining!

These are my glasses: here
They look more purple really though. I have the blue ones too.
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Re: Girls With Glasses are Sexy Too

Post by ferita »

my glasses are matallic brown it sounds weird but they are okay.

i HATE fingerprints on my glasses! i don't understand how they get there since i never touch my glasses but, somehow they allways get way dirty. any advice on how to keep them super clean? i could wear my contacts but i perfer glasses.thanks!
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Re: Girls With Glasses are Sexy Too

Post by xXBeSafeXx »

My glasses are thick plastic rectangular ones, and they are purple and black.
My old ones were black on the outside and orange on the inside.
I like them, but I prefer my contacts.
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Re: Girls With Glasses are Sexy Too

Post by bittenbyEdwardCullen »

My glasses are rimmed with metallic purple wire. I only wear them when I'm driving or just can't see something from very far. I don't wear them 24/7. I don't like wearing them because I get dizzy when I look down and everything looks farther than it really is and then look up and its right in my face.
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Re: Girls With Glasses are Sexy Too

Post by catieolacullen »

My glasses are like a blend of greens and browns and they're kind of squared but round at the same time. They're from sixth grade, and I love them to death. I had to get contacts due to the fact that the always slide down my nose when I'm playing my viola and the one year I actually signed up for LAX. But going on my fourth or fifth year having these, I really need new ones. But every pair I try on look so weird to me because I'm so used to mine!! Agh. But I did find a couple pairs I liked, and now I have to convince my Father into buying me some new ones.
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