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Re: Alice and Jasper

Post by Vampire_Girl »

I love them both sooo much they are one of my favourite twilight couples!! I think the story of how Alice save Jasper is really sweet! I love them!!

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Re: Alice and Jasper

Post by ilovetwilight »

i LOVE alice and jasper!! & this little part in new moon just made me love them more:D (this is what bella thinks) :

jasper was the first one i saw-- he didn't seem to see me at all. his eyes were only for alice. she went quickly to his side; they didn't embracelike other couples meeting there. they only stared into eachother's faces, yet, somehow, the moment was so private i felt the need to look away.

NEW MOON pg. 495
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Re: Alice and Jasper

Post by Twilightlover101 »

ahh i love jasper and alice
they're awesome
i also like the way that though their not fully fragrant about their relationship their love goes much much deeper than that
and they express it in such different ways but it doesn't matter because love is love no matter how you express it
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Re: Alice and Jasper

Post by fiish3 »

Alice and Jaspers relationship is so cute. they are my second favorite couple ], after edward and bella of course.
its really sweet and intresting to see that they wait to be alone to be intimate. I love how alice gets back from the volturi and they just gaze in each others eyes. It was intimate than just kissing or hugging and it had alot more meaning.
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Re: Alice and Jasper

Post by JasperH »

Alice and Jasper are my favorite couple. They are just so adorable! I love how Alice is just like *sitting in dinner for some guy I don't know but I will love him* and Jasper is just like *Sorry Ma'am* :D
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Re: Alice and Jasper

Post by Spartan »

Love Them.
Everyone Else had said the rest for me.
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Re: Alice and Jasper

Post by EdwardNJessi »

(sigh) You know...the reason why I love this couple so much is because you can really feel that they can not survive or live happily without one another. It's very similar to Edward and Bella, but it could also be a deeper kind of love...a mostly mentally driven relationship. Every interaction they have with one another just makes my heart melt. It's not as intense or powerful as Edward and Bella, but there is something strong, stable, reassuring about their relationship.

I <3 Jasper too. yay!
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Re: Alice and Jasper

Post by LeechesRule95 »

I love Alice and Jasper they are an awesome couple... They are like totally made for each other. I love it in Eclipse when they do the training to show Bella she shouldnt be worried about Alice and they kind of practice and at the end when Jasper says "you truly are one terrible littly monster" I tottaly cracked up it was so sweet and funny I LOVED THAT PART!
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Re: Alice and Jasper

Post by everlong »

The contrast between the two is amazing, she is a tiny perky little thing and he is quiet ex - army officer (or something along the lines of). It's just the cutest thing ever.

The scene where they practice the fight and Alice kisses him on the neck and says Gottcha always makes me smile to myself

not to mention the dinner scene "sorry ma'am", i was like oh jasper *faints*

they are by far my favourite couple :)
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Re: Alice and Jasper

Post by sachael »

alice's bubbly personality and jasper's quiet nature.. perfect.. i really loved it how stephenie described they're relationship as "something special" not sure of the exact word.. but for them no words and conversations needed.. one look in the eye and everything's fine.. :)
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