Struggles and Conflict in Breaking Dawn

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Re: Struggles and Conflict in Breaking Dawn

Post by xoPearl_Angelxo »

There were two conflits I really liked. One was when Bella finds out that her daughter had been imprinted upon by Jake and the volturi at the end. They both a re very different but stand out as very big points in the book. I think that those scenes stand out so much in the book. Just the pure shock of it when I read those words about him going through the process of imprinting on her were just magical SM put it all out there for us.
When we look at the Volturi confrontation you see a more serious and "not as fluff" side to the story. THe surprises seem like they were over but really they were getting started. there was no forwarning to a reall look at how the scene would play out beofre hand. I just loved the reactions and emotions that played out!

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Re: Struggles and Conflict in Breaking Dawn

Post by Joanne Maria »

One of the struggles I most enjoyed was Edwards struggle to trust Bella's judgement and strength when she was going to meet with J.Jenks. He put the protector side of him away and allowed Bella to do what was needed. I am sure that was very difficult for him to do.

Also, my favorite struggle was Edward's on his honeymoon. His struggle with being the husband Bella desired vs. worrying about hurting her. Hence the feathers and broken bed...LOL
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Re: Struggles and Conflict in Breaking Dawn

Post by AliceLauren »

I thought that it was odd that there were so many different intertwining story lines in BD. I'm used to Stephenie's other books where there were normally only two: the romance struggle, and the fact that Bella nearly gets herself killed in every book.

I think that it was very interesting to see Jake's point of view on all these struggles, along with Bella. It was a nice change.

I would have to say that my favorite struggle/problem was definitely the pregnancy, starting with when Bella and Edward called Carlisle from Isle Esme. It was very very good.
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Re: Struggles and Conflict in Breaking Dawn

Post by vamps4evr »

I loved when Bella found out about jacob/renesmee

the pregnancy - tough to follow ... but a struggle for sure!

the volturi - I liked that they were actually scared!! i think they needed a bit more to show they aren't as powerful, Im glad Edward saw they weren't as "good" as he seemed to claim!

jacob accepting leah and actually seeing she isn't so bad!

there are more, but these are ones that I particularly liked!
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Re: Struggles and Conflict in Breaking Dawn

Post by Twilightlover101 »

I know it's a very sadistic thing to like someone getting bullied or hurt but I couldn't stop laughing at that whole scene, how ironic
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Re: Struggles and Conflict in Breaking Dawn

Post by bella_love3 »

I really felt like the conflict was scattered and unexpected especially the Volturi part at the end. One day Irina just comes and then the Volturi are after them.... well I mean it was obvious they were going to come after Renesemee it was in all of Bella's dreams but I felt it was a very blunt turn in the story. But other than the randomness of it I loved this conflict it made the story very interesting.
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Re: Struggles and Conflict in Breaking Dawn

Post by switzgal »

Bella and Edward's conflict with the way they felt about the pregnancy.

Rosalie's own conflict, not being able to be a mother and being a vampire.

Edward's conflict of asking Jacob for help more than once for their shared love for Bella.

Jacob's conflict with the pack and eventually separating from the pack.

Leah and Jacob's conflict of being in the same pack.

Bella's conflict of trying to keep Charlie in her life even though she is so sick and doesn't know if she's going to survive the pregnancy.

Charlie's conflict of wanting to know what happened to his daughter but yet know he cannot know everything.

the list goes on and on.. really the only character that had no conflict no apparent conflict was Seth.
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Re: Struggles and Conflict in Breaking Dawn

Post by -veiled- »

Alice's Twin Sister wrote:Whooohooo.... First post on the thread! One of my favorite conflicts and all around scenes in BD was when Jacob told Bella for the first time about his imprint on Renesmee. I got the biggest kick out of her chasing him and nearly beating the snot out of if he could help it, poor guy! But, I laughed hysterically the whole time! I could just picture little Bella getting to pound huge tall Jake into the ground, the total picture of irony! :twisted:
I completely agree. It was hilarious! Tiny Bella beating Jake up, ha.
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Re: Struggles and Conflict in Breaking Dawn

Post by Gia Pattinson♥ »

I was dissapointed when there was no fight at the end. Like... for Jane+Alec+Aro+Caius+Demitri to be destroyed and the rest just scatter and they Cullens are the new royalty... I knew it wasn't going to happen, but I hoped :D :D
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Re: Struggles and Conflict in Breaking Dawn

Post by EmmettCullen534 »

Don't get me wrong, I really liked this book. I thought it was really good, but I felt the fact that as soon as Bella became a vampire. Honestly, I feel the book would of been a lot better if it was more focused on Bella's new life and struggles as a vampire. They built up about how different, hard, and bleak life would be for her in her first years a newborn, and it felt like a cop-out. It would of been a lot more interesting to feel Bella's struggle, the way Edward said it would be; but instead nothing really has changed for her. Sure she's married, has a kid, and is a vampire, but everything is just too perfect for about 200 pages. In the "Twilight" Series, Vampires are supposed to always acknowledge at least their thirst for humans, but Bella after 3 months is strolling around town like nothing changed. The main conflict of the series was whether it was better to remain human and have her family, friends, and just a normal life OR become a vampire and live forever with super-human abilities that come with the price of the loss of her family, humanity, and soul. After all this build-up of "to be or not to be" and the sacrifice that comes with becoming a vampire, the book just skips it- if becoming a vampire was this easy, they should of got it over with at prom. For about 300 pages, Bella is just so happy with her newborn baby that is just so special and every thing's perfect. Bella even hunts with her part-human kid and a werewolf- all the other books have described that when vampires hunt they act more like animals yet hunting with the family was like a trip out for ice cream. In "Eclipse", we heard all Rosalie's and Jasper's takes on their transformations and their early years and how much of a struggle they were for those characters. For me, those were highlights of the third book, we got to see the price they paid for immortality, beauty, and super-human abilities. They seemed incredibly worried over the confrontation with the Volturri, but it all turned out to be just a minor disagreement. The climax truly was for me when Bella became a vampire, and for a brief time acted like the way that was expected of her as a newborn. This was the only time Bella's new abilities and new qualities were truly showcased. Thirst, super-human abilities, and incredible emotion were shown in all of the other Cullens, but after those few chapters, Bella is still timid, and essentially the same. After she has her baby, Bella spends more time worshipping her than Edward. When I was reading this I thought this was going to be the best one, but once I realized that everything was too perfect after Bella becomes a vampire, I became a bit disappointed.

I did like it, it's just that they really built up that Bella was going to have a hard time through the newborn stage, which would of livened up the book with some much needed problem. And it would of broken away from the format where they prepare for battle just like eclipse.

Anyone else think Bella conveniently and perfectly get to skip her newborn stage was really a cop-out though, and would of made the book better!? I would of loved to read about her inner conflict and struggles as a vampire, which was the price she was supposed to pay becoming a vampire. In all of the books, she mulled over whether it was worth it to become a vampire, but we don't get to read the results and consequences of her decision.

Well since Stephanie Meyer sort of stuck Bella with a dead-end story line, they going to have to take on different perspectives. She says she's running out of ideas for Bella---> if she would of just made Bella struggle with her transition becoming a vampire, that could of been book 4's plot itself which in my opinion would of made it the best one in the series. If she would of just slowed down Bella's transition to a perfect life with her baby, there could be a lot more stories for the series to do with her character. By making Bella get everything she ever wanted: good looks, immortality, Edward, a baby, and perfect transition from human to vampire. That's why I was so disappointed with "Breaking Dawn", Bella knew there was a price to pay to have Edward and for her to become a vampire, and this would of been the best story line ever!

Edward talks about how he is monster. His thirst that is always evident, which makes him feel like a monster and is why he didn't want Bella to become a vampire. Bella's thirst is brought up like 4 short times. She's a newborn, that is supposed to be all she can think about!!

We didn't see the downsides of Bella becoming a vampire. Everyone else has regrets and problems with it, but Bella's vampire life is really not that different.

The battle with the Volturi would be no where near as good as Bella's transformation/ newborn stage. She knew she was giving up on her friends and family, and a normal life where she would constantly have the temptation and thirst to kill. She had so many people tell her about what it would be like for her a vampire, yet nothing changes for her!! Breaking Dawn was supposed to be Bella gave up on her humanity to become a vampire, even if it came with a lust for blood and uncontrolled emotions.

I want to say to Stephenie Meyer, you foreshadowed and implied that Bella would need to rely on Edward for strength as a vampire! That would of given them a lot more time together! Make her have regrets and inner struggle! We don't want some quick-fix deus ex machina!!

Yeah but she got over it. and so did Charlie.

- She was furious after Jasper and Emmett made that bet about how many slip-ups she'd make.

- Riley terrified her.

- She wondered if she would be as vicious and crazy as Victoria's newborn army in "Eclipse" , and that really disturbed her.

- She never saw Edward as a monster- but she did wonder if she would be...

- She told herself that Edward would help her to not kill anyone.

- She seemed to think that there was a good chance she'd be a monster.

- And she was so scared and sure that she was going to be like Bree.

YET she still wanted to become a vampire. Let her pay the price. Let her have regrets. Let her realize this was a fate she would never want for anyone.

If she would of had a tough time as a newborn, she would of needed to rely on Edward- making him more central to the plot!!
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