Bella's Pregnancy

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Re: Bella's Pregnancy

Post by jazjade »

I was really shocked when I began to realize that Bella was pregnant. And I think she got pregnant the first time. All the vampire biology aside, its such a perfect growing up moment, like, oh, yeah, there's this whole other reason for sex, and whomp, here is the reality of it, here's who I am, a woman. And she takes a very positive step as soon as she realizes it, calling Rosalie to help her through the experience.
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Re: Bella's Pregnancy

Post by cynb »

I was a little shocked when I read that Bella was pregnant, because I wasn't expecting it. I did feel like that her reaction was a natural progression most women would make in that instance. Although, I was startled, I didn't get upset as I noticed a lot of people did. I think Stephenie worked very hard to equivocate that question just right. As soon as I realized that she did that, I was okay. I did have to reread the book though with a more open mind to appreciate it.
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Re: Bella's Pregnancy

Post by darkrider »

Bella's labor was difficult for me. Even though I knew that somehow Bella was going to get through it, I couldn't help but think that she was going to die. It was ironic though-where one like was "ending" another was beginning. I thought it was brilliant on the other hand how Edward knew that Bella wasn't able to feel anything and did a "c-section" to get the baby out w/o Nessie hurting Bella anymore, and also saving Nessie's life.

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Re: Bella's Pregnancy

Post by irunwithvampires »

I just have one question. How long was the entire pregnancy?
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Re: Bella's Pregnancy

Post by AgentCross »

irunwithvampires wrote:I just have one question. How long was the entire pregnancy?
Like two months. Maybe less.
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Re: Bella's Pregnancy

Post by ummplz »

Probably something all women would die for.. 2 months *sigh* I wish.
Other than the whole ribs breaking, almost dying thing, etc.
But since that wouldn't happen to us then yeah :]
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Re: Bella's Pregnancy

Post by Midnight_Sunshine »

I really wasn't expecting Bella to get pregnant. I was like "wait...but... I thought...huh?" It made me really sad when Edward didn't want Nessie... I didn't really like the name Renesme. Whenever I can pronounce it then it's ok, but I like Carlie and Nessie better.

I found it weird that Bella wanted to name her boy Edward Jacob when she didn't know that Jacob was going to get over her.

Hopefully they can find a way to make the birth less graphic if they make a movie.
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Re: Bella's Pregnancy

Post by xXBeSafeXx »

It reminded me of fanfics I don't read.
I too, stopped reading it for a few hours because I was so dissapointed. :(
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Re: Bella's Pregnancy

Post by Vanessa Wolfe »

The entire pregnancy was a huge shock to me. I never thought that would happen. I didn't think it was going to be so terrible either. I thought Breaking Dawn was going to be a long conflict with the Volturri, Edward and Bella having problems about the wedding, etc. Never thought Nessie was going to come into the picture. I didn't feel that it was necessary for Stephenie Meyer to add so many details to the bloody birth scene. I would've rather had the detail in other areas, like the wedding, which I thought could've been drawn out more. Bella drinking human blood as a human also grossed me out a bit. If this is a movie...well, eww. The birth was really graphic, and I don't actually want to see it come to life. I think Renesmee is great now. I didn't like her originally since, she was breaking Bella apart. She's really unique though. It didn't seem to me like Edward cared for her as much as Bella, Jacob, or Rosalie. However, Stephenie said that when you're a newborn vampire you tend to be more self centered at first, so maybe that's why there wasn't as much about Edward and Nessie.
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Re: Bella's Pregnancy

Post by museicalking »

tis graphic. more so than it should be, but i guess it made sense for her to go through the pain she did, renesmee is beautiful... :D the pregnancy hurt to read, especially when we found out the mothers dont survive- then the broken ribs and spine....oh the bruises too. the actual birth was in detail, but i was thourough in a subtle way, not much to be desired and enough not to complain.
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