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Re: Periods...not a grammar topic

Post by VampireKnight »

catieolacullen wrote:Mine always skips around, that could be because I just got it a year or so ago. But I just bothered stop trying to count the days because it's always different! But they week before I normally get really sleepy and have no problem going to sleep :) But day 1-3 it's normally pretty heavy. Then it calms down, thank God. And this year in school half the year in swimming class. And I'm really irked about using tampons, I never have. Most of my friends tell me it won't hurt, but I'm a whimp. Haha. Puberty, you suck. With no love what so ever, Catieola. :cry:
Oh gosh I understand completely. I was at a Girls Camp like four years ago and I started so I wasn't exactly prepared but I wanted to go swimming and everyone was like, use a tampon. I FLIPPED out because I was like "that thing goes WHERE?!" Again, the complete alien thing. I was like 13 at the time but yeah I've never used them either. I've never been much of a swimmer either...
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Re: Periods...not a grammar topic

Post by simplymortal314 »

I only use tampons when I need to.
After I get it in correctly, I don't feel it. It's not so bad. You just have to find the best way for you to use one.

Well when I first got mine, it was the summer before sixth grade and I was going to a summer program with my friend so we wouldn't be completely bored. I was getting ready, when I had it. Since my mother was at work I had no choice but to tell my father. So, shopping for pads with my dad was weird. Then my mother decided to call ALL of my female family members and tell them, "my little girl is a young lady now!" Then I was forced to talk to them about it. *shudder*
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Re: Periods...not a grammar topic

Post by kvampireloverr »

gah.i got mine in the fourth was weird i just got it and it was just that my mom bought me some pads and that was it.i get horrible horrible cramps like roll in a ball faint kind of's horrible
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Re: Periods...not a grammar topic

Post by Lioness Rampant »

fourth? geesh, that stinks.
I was 11 when I had it and I din't even know it until I made a mess! :oops:
luckily we were at home- my mom and I/ and she took great care of me!
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Re: Periods...not a grammar topic

Post by Crooked_Rose »

I get cramps in the front and in the back.

Ugh, it sucks.

I first got mine when I was 12.
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Re: Periods...not a grammar topic

Post by xXBeSafeXx »

Ugh. I first got mine when I was...11 I think. No, it was 10, it was in December, but my first one was only like, a day. So, I don't really count it. So, the first one I count was a month before my birthday. Then I had it on my birthday. Yay.

Mine's usually pretty heavy day 1-4, then pretty much non-existent day 5, so for a while I thought it was over before I got used to it, and then heavy again day 6-8. And it's irregular, so I gave up trying to keep track of it a while back. My mom gets mad at me when she asks if I need any "personal items" and I don't know, but the day before I get it I can just tell. I get really emotional and I just know its coming. :( I get really bad cramps too. I use a LOT of ibuprofen.

I got mine the day before I went to summer camp. So I didn't feel like doing anything all week. I was cranky and sore and tired. We're not supposed to have any food or medication or anything in the cabins; if we need medicine or whatever we're supposed to leave it with the nurse, but that's so inconvenient. So, I had my bottle of ibuprofen under my bed. ;) Most of us pretty much ignore all the food and medication rules on the week Scotty comes. Me and some friends named it Scotty because it's inconspicuous to be like, "Oh, Scotty stopped by yesterday" It came from History class. Bloody O'Reilly became Scotty O'Reilly became Scotty. 8-)

Everyone I hang out with is so used to it, all anyone has to do when walking down the hall is go up and be like "Check." and whoever they're talking to will fall a few steps behing and "check." Our system is perfect now. :lol:

Wow. That was really long. I guess I'm more bored than I thought. :oops: :?
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Re: Periods...not a grammar topic

Post by simple_love♫ »

I got mine last December and I already have a normal schedule... they never last more than 3 days and it's usually pretty light so I guess I lucked out
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Re: Periods...not a grammar topic

Post by StupidxLamb »

I never keep tabs on my period. It's really bad, because someday I'm going to get it in the middle of class, or on a date, or during mass. And that will probably scar me for life. Haha. But my periods are so sporadic and unpredictable, I'm not sure that keeping track would really make a difference in the end.
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Re: Periods...not a grammar topic

Post by AliceLauren »

I got it at 4 in the morning when i was reading Breaking Dawn. It interrupted me from reading.

I was curled up into a little ball on the couch reading. lol.
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Re: Periods...not a grammar topic

Post by HazedInDeadlyPollen »

I got mine like last year during sucked becuase Im just a private person and I'm just plain paranoid every second of my life.I'm just glad that my mom told me to keep pads in my bag just in case.but I was paranoid someone might see them when I opened my bag so I put them in my agenda book.but mine aren't that bad,I only get bloating and I'm emotional and stuff.I can't eat.the only thing that sucks is that its so sister hates me because she gets horrible cramps and she cant even move.

The worst times it came for me was the day crosscountry started.I had to run for half an hour every morning with it.blah.and the last two weeks of school I had a ceremony for this honors society thing and the next week a social.the day of the ceremony I prayed I wouldn't get it and I didnt.but the next week I got it the day before the social.I kept checking if I got a stain on my dress it sucked.

the longest mine has ever been was nearly two was so annoying.woah,this post was longer than I thought it would be.i guess I have more to rant about than I thought.
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