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Re: The Soundtrack

Post by somnium »

I really want to hear the Lullaby (ofcourse) and also i can't wait to hear the songs that Robert wrote :D
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Re: The Soundtrack

Post by UnfreakinBelievable »

I heard in an interview on MTV that Rob has written 2 songs in the movie but not necessarily the lullaby. I'm good with whatever they chose, I think it's just awesome that our Edward is so talented (and beautiful, and funny, and . . . )!! What a good choice!! We love you Rob!

I haven't seen anyone mention these songs yet, they are Twilight-inspired songs (and I have to tell you I'm not a HUGE fan of this genre because there's not a lot out there that is very good) but I came across this first song and it knocked my socks off, I really felt Edward's voice coming through the lyrics, it is very good.

UNDONE by Kat Tingey

I see your eyes light up, whenever you smile.
I hear your heart go wild, whenever I touch your lips to mine.
I study your deep brown eyes full of wonder,
I can't believe all of the life you've uncovered.
The simplest things leave you haunting my mind,
I want to keep you forever.

But can I stay with you?
Can I lead you away from the world that you know?
Do I really deserve to be selfish like this?
I'm undone.
Should I go?

I stand by your side, a desire to touch you,
the smell of your skin leaves me rigid, and wanting.
Unable to render your mind, you're a mystery,
A question...a smile...
you breath and I am free,

But can I stay with you?
Can I lead you away from the world that you know?
Do I really deserve to be selfish like this?
I'm undone.
Should I go?

No, no, no I will not go,
I'm addicted to you, and I think that you know,
that I love, you so!
And I won't leave you hear all abandoned, alone,
No I will not go!

My arms will surround you and pull you toward me,
Touching my lips to your ever so carefully,
I give you my soul!

I love you,
I love you,

I see your eyes light up, whenever you smile,
I hear your heart go wild, whenever I touch your lips to mine.

You really need to hear it, go to her myspace:

My number 2 choice I would really like to see in NEW MOON if it's made into a movie (which my instincts say it will) -- I would like to see this song in the cliff diving scene

How's The Weather
By: Mallory Trunnell

Little Mary Sunshine has had a rainy day
Cause Little Bobby Bluehorn won't even look her way
He won't come out to play
And she feels so unloved so unreal

She sits 'neath her umbrella and cries a tear or two
Cause she can't have the fella she so desperately wants to
She doesn't know what to do

As she cries, she lifts her head up to the skies and screams

"Why can't you love me? Was there something I did wrong, dear?
Can't you see that something's gone amiss here?
And I feel so unloved, unreal, and I'm not sure I can deal
If you cannot love me."

Mary's really soaked now. Chilled right to the bone.
The rain has turned to snow now. Her world has turned into stone.
She's never felt to alone, cold and stale.
Now her tears turn the snow to hail

And she screams,

"Why can't you love me? Was there something I did wrong, dear?
Can't you see that something's gone awry here?
And I'm told that I act so cold but I've felt so dry and old
Since you could not love me."

It's not like she wants to be alone
But she's never known anything else
And it's not like she wants to play the clone
But she can't get her heart off the shelf

And she's tired of the rain and she's tired of the pain
And she's wishing that she could feel dry
And she wants to let go, to get out of the snow
But all she can do is cry and wonder

Can't you love me? Am I really so unworthy?
Can't you see that we could take a journey?
Me and you. Just only we two.
You know I love you.
Could you love Mary too?

So I'm asking you.
Please answer true.

How's the weather been with you?

Again, you need to hear it:

Let me know what you think guys!!
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Re: The Soundtrack

Post by twiheartx »

luv_edward_cullen wrote:
twiheartx wrote:
luv_edward_cullen wrote:Into Your Arms by The Maine
The first verse fits quite well

There was a new girl in town.
She had it all figured out. (Had it all figured out)
And I'll state something rash.
She had the most
I bet you didn't expect that.
But she made me change my ways. (She made me change my ways)
With eyes like sunsets baby.
And legs that went on for days.
(that's only the first verse)

It's a cute song :)

I AGREEEEE. totallyy.
and seventeen forever by metro station.. i think. lyrics wise.
I never thought about Metro Station but you're right!!!!! The song's perfect!
love them :D

I think Edward should sing Thunder by Boys Like Girls to Bella. It's not really part of any scene in the book but it's would be cute. ;)
OMMGGG. yes. he should sing it to her.
that made my day
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Re: The Soundtrack

Post by dwheeler12 »

they should so have "Everytime we touch" (yanou's candlelight mix) by cascada !
It is the perfect bella song. :D
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Re: The Soundtrack

Post by kpb1111 »

Cascada is definitely not what I have in mind when I think of the Twilight soundtrack. I know that Summit has said that this song wasn't of any importance, but do you all remember the song at the Twilight exclusive clip on the Penelope DVD? I have been searching for this for months and I still have not found it. It was also featured on one of SoapNet's promos. If anyone finds out anything please give me a heads up.
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Re: The Soundtrack

Post by yomahmaful »

LoveVampire wrote:
yomahmaful wrote:I have found an original lullaby song composed by TC Rockett. She is a fan of Twilight and in my opinion has written what I perceive to be the best lullaby song for the novel. Please go there and listen you wont be dissapointed.
Dear yomahmaful,
I can't tell you how much this means to me!!! This is the ultimate compliment possible for my song...
Thank you from the bottom of my heart,
TC (LoveVampire)

:) You're welcome. I truly wish you the best. You have great talent, and your song is constantly in my head just so you know. It is so sweet it is addictive, haha.
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Re: The Soundtrack

Post by robinhood73 »

Hey All,

I'm brand new and I am loving the boards so far, cant wait to read more.

I made a playlist of songs from for twilight and eclipse and I was thinking of uploading it to torrent or some other p2p service. It's the playlist she made for writing the books, I d/l half, already had the other half.

Would anyone else be interested?
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Re: The Soundtrack

Post by NightCreation »

OOOH! I know 2 perfect songs for TWILIGHT, If you want to listen to the songs, click the song title and it will direct you to the song on youtube.

Dare You to Move - Switchfoot


Speeding Cars - Imogen Heap
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Re: The Soundtrack

Post by AliceLauren »

Time Is Running Out by Muse. Stephenie Meyer got me hooked on Muse.
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Re: The Soundtrack

Post by loverboyis »

One thing I would not look forward in Twilight would absolutely be 'mainstream'/'overheard' artists to be in the film. Personally, I think the Soundtrack for any movie or TV show is crucial; it can make such a huge impact upon the emotions and the characters them self’s. I wouldn't want some Much Music Top 30 song we heard 100 times a before in such a major scene, it gives away the moment and overall, it's predictable.
Don't get me wrong, I don't mine the odd Coldplay or Muse song, at lease the music has more of a creative usage of lyrics and the alternative bands fit perfectly into Twilight.
Just wouldn't want it to overflow with the same predictable-we-heard-that-singer-and-band-everyday-now ... Vannessa Cartlon and "Time is Running Out" has been suggest just about everybody - it's gotten a bit overheard of in my honest opinion. I would rather hear something new, it wouldn't give away of the story that would be happening. Plus by the time the movie come outs, it more than likely that the popular musicians we hear of a daily bases can get a little bit tired by the time it hit theaters.
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