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Twilight Themes

Post by Bronze Haired Girl »

I think it would be fun to do a "Show your Twilight Background" thread where we take a screen shot of what wallpaper or myspace, or livejournal, or whatever we have that is Twilight related.

If you have a Twilight Theme you would like to showcase, you may do it here. However, please post a link to the picture or website. DO NOT post pictures in the thread. Pictures eat up too much bandwidth and I'll have to delete them if you post them, so LINKS ONLY.
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Re: Twilight Themes

Post by bellaobsessed »

Since it was my idea, here are mine at the moment

Here is my desktop background.... I love this one:

Here is my livejournal: ... enshot.jpg (but the header is animated on mine)

I might change my myspace to this : ... 27706b.jpg

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Re: Twilight Themes

Post by Twilight<3 »

I really like your LiveJournal layout. Now, I've never actually had a Twilight layout, sorry. However, I do have a Muse layout if you want to see that. ;)
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Re: Twilight Themes

Post by edward x lover »

here is my computer background:
here are others that I've used in the past:
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Re: Twilight Themes

Post by bite_me »

wow these are cool!

can other people use them for their backgrounds and stuff? They're not copyright for that or anything, are they? :?
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Re: Twilight Themes

Post by LilyMorgana »

^ I agree. Those themes are great! Don't know about the copyright though.

This is my background right now: ... ttheme.jpg
I made the wallpaper myself but I want a better one. Something with less pink. I'm thinking of making a new one but I don't have any inspiration right now. :(
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Re: Twilight Themes

Post by sewswedish »

Here is a link to my Facebook page which has photos of my Twilight themed quote quilt. ... 1491561151
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Re: Twilight Themes

Post by love_is_noise »

this is alink to a background i did for my computer ... 82359o.jpg

this is my bebo skin... ... 29442o.jpg

this is a previouse background i have had, they are pics i have edited of alice and jasper to become characters in mine/remmett's fan fic ... 9798708109
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Re: Twilight Themes

Post by PiageMoore »

No I have not any picture or I have not created it.But it is my favorite movie.I have seen both the parts of this movie......
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