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Re: Jared and Mel

Post by vampirechick101 »

I think that Melanie and Jared were made for eachother becasue they overcame all the obstacles life gave them succesfully. Melanie was captured and I can't imagine how hard it must have been for Jared. I disliked Melanie at some point because she was making life for Wanda hard. Melanie did have reasons for hating Wanda though so it's understandable. :D
I love Jared and Melanie
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Re: Jared and Mel

Post by MissMagnolia »

I fell in love with their relationship from the start. I think it is mostly because of the whole last man and woman on earth kind of thing. It just felt completely romantic.
I was shocked with Jared's reactions when Wanda showed up the cave but honestly it was natural. I can't imagine the feelings going through him at that moment. He saw the love of his life's face but knew it wasn't really her. Also, I think he blamed himself for Mel getting caught because he knows if he had gone with her she probably wouldn't have been caught.
But mostly I couldn't really gasp why Mel was getting so upset when he would kiss her body. I think Jared's actions/words to Wanda made it very clear he had to absolutely no feelings for her other in that department.
I really wish we could have seen more of their relationship after Wanda was out of her body.
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Re: Jared and Mel

Post by bookluvverx4 »

At first, when Jared inflicted so many bruises on Wanda, I thought he was a jerk. I mean, I can understand how he felt....the love of his life was taken by a species who killed his entire race....but, I agree with Jamie, it was still her body, her FACE! He should have taken that into account as well. If I was in his position, I couldn't have hit the body of my missed loved one even if I tried. However, I agree that Jared and Mel were PERFECT for each other. They are tough yet kind, and they keep each other grounded. I thought Mel's sarcasm was hilarious....I really want to read more about their relationship in sequels, see how they overcome the "awkwardness" that ensued after Wanda was inserted into another body.

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Re: Jared and Mel

Post by Edward_Addict »

I totally fell in love with them as a couple in chapter 4 when Mel is remembering how they first met. Even though they both thought the other was a Soul, I thought it was so cute how they were immediately inexplicably drawn to each other and didn't ever want to be apart. But I have to say I was really disappointed at the end when Jared told Wanda he loved her and kissed her. How could he do that to Melanie, even if he was overwhelmed with the joy of getting her back?
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Re: Jared and Mel

Post by RussetRose♥ »

I much perfer Ian and Wanda over Mel and Jared, but I still like them. Jared is really confusing and Mel is the same way.

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Re: Jared and Mel

Post by twilightaddict49 »

i have to say i loved jared through the whole book and am probably gonna do a bit of venting! i loved jared and could understand where he was coming from. He thought the girl he loved was lost, and then her body is back trying to say that it loves him and that mel is there, from his experience with the hosts its only a matter of time before seekers come and kill him and the rest of the people he loved.And even though he hated wanda's whole species he still protected her and didnt let any harm come to her at all (so sweet)

I dont really blame him for getting mad at ian when he liked wanda either the thought of someone you know getting intimate with the body that is supposed to belong to you would probably make anyone mad and set some ground rules, especially if the person is still trapped in the body and has to go through every torturous second of it. he cared so much for mel that even if he wouldnt ever talk to her again he couldnt go through the pain it would cause her.
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Re: Jared and Mel

Post by sarah! »

i have to say, although i feel bad for saying this, but i liked Jared even though through a large part of the book, he inflicted physical and emotional pain on Wanda. I guess this is because in the beginning of the book, we hear alot of good things from Mel about Jared. :P
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Re: Jared and Mel

Post by mrs0cullen »

i'm like half way through the host and i love it. it i so imaginative. i love jared and mel's realationship but the problem is i haven't quite gotten to any peace between wanderer and jared, but i love mel and jared's love for each other, and the fact that melanie loves jared enough to make wanderer love jared. i find that incredibly romantic. it gives me butterflies just thinking about the love they share. :D i'm sorry i say love alot :oops: i'm just in a really good mood :oops:
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Re: Jared and Mel

Post by Faith<3 Twi »

Well, Jared was, after all, pretty important in this love triangle (i dont think its really a triangle, some other shape would probably be better..perhaps a square...). He was (other then Jamie) the only thing Mel cared about! Jared, he was SO thought-less, i mean beating her, then risking his LIFE for her! I mean it sounds like all his actions were spur-of-the-moment-reflect and the-first-thing-i-could-think-of kind of actions! But on the other hand i suppose (in some odd way) i do understand him. He had fallen into the trap of hope when he had ment Melanie, he had imagined he would spend the rest of his life with her (no matter how his life would end) and when she had "died" the trap had snapped shut, holding him heart-broken forever, afraid to hope again. Then when Mels body shows up again, how could belive it was actually her? And fall into the trap yet again. In the words of Wanderer "To good to be true." (or something along those lines)
Anyways, regards to Mel&Jareds relationship i found that the bond there was incredubly strong, strong enough to suck someone ( i.e Wanda) into it.
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Re: Jared and Mel

Post by -Jasper »

I think their relationship started off really strangely, but they were essential in each other's lives, and thought they were the only humans alive. That would make a very strong bond. Because we mainly saw the story through Wanda's eyes, we saw mostly her pov and didn't really see Jared and Mel together. I think from what we know, they are a good couple and they work together.
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