Chapter 7 ~ Nightmare

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Re: Chapter 7 ~ Nightmare

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1. The music group that Bella falls asleep listening to has been revealed by Stephenie to be Linkin Park. What do you think of Linkin Park, and about Phil's taste in music since he gave Bella the CD?
I can definitely understand why listening to Linkin Park would make it hard for Bella to think. I like them well enough. They seem appropriate for Phil - a little younger than the stereotypical music you'd expect from a stepparent.

2. In Bella's nightmare, did you think Bella was in danger, if so from whom?
I thought she was in danger from Edward, even though the danger didn't seem to concern her.

3. Were you at all nervous when Bella decided to take a walk in the woods alone?
Yeah, I was. They seemed a little ominous, especially given the supernatural she was surrounded by.

4. Did you think Edward was watching Bella as she fell asleep reading Jane Austen?
Yes. I didn't think she'd be the only one sad about not seeing the other that day, and I figured after the danger he'd saved her from he'd want to keep a close eye on her.

5. Did your impressions of Renee and Charlie change at all this chapter?
No, not really.

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