Chapter 20 ~ Volterra

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Re: Chapter 20 ~ Volterra

Post by Tornado »

1. What did you think of Alice's bribe? What does it say to you that she not only had that much cash handy, but that she thought it would take that much money to bribe the officer?
I think that she's pretty rich, not afraid of pickpockets (hardly surprisingly!) and will do anything to save her brother. She also makes sure she is prepared.

2. Did you ever think Bella wasn't going to make it in time to save Edward?

3. How did you respond when Edward assumed they were both dead?
It was clear that he did have some hope, just as Bella points out later on.

4. Edward pretty much gave up the moment tiny, little Jane approached. What was your assumption about Jane when you first saw her - be honest!
That she was clearly more powerful than she seemed.

5. Bella assumed that Edward was being nice, but not romantic, by protecting her as they made their way down the tunnel. What did you think of the way he was holding her and protecting her?
I think that Bella's pretty stupid at this point, and basically for the rest of the book, not to realise how in love with her he is.

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