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Re: Pet Peeves

Post by bite_me »

Places like sport stadiums and stuff that have no drink taps - you have to buy the water from the kiosk, or if you're desperate, get it from the bathroom taps.

Especially if you're training there or something and the kiosk is closed.
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Re: Pet Peeves

Post by ashiekins16 »

StarEmerson wrote:My biggest pet peeve is people with bad manners, ugh!

I hate little things like, if you hold a door open for someone behind you and they dont say "Thanks!" just one little word, thats all I would like! :lol:

Also when your are walking down the street and someone in front of you just stops dead to look at something in the window of a shop! MOVE out the way!!

Oh and another thing - people who write ALL in "txt spk", I can not understand you!

I agree! I hate when people stop in front of you and the text speak. Sometimes I do the "lol" but I don't get doing "b" for is that one less letter that much easier.

And kaitlyncullen-Its not so much the carpet but just rubbing feet together. For some reason it bothers me a lot.

And when people chew their gum as loud as they can and pop it constantly.
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Re: Pet Peeves

Post by *Wanderer* »

Another pet peeve: When people spell Stephenie Meyer like StephAnie Meyer. With an A. Drives me nuts :evil: !!!

Also: When I get skipped in "Who Would Win" or "Who Would you Rather"

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Re: Pet Peeves

Post by bubblylittlealice »

It's hard to explain but here it goes

when people say they aren't good at something just so other people will say 'no your good at...'

I know a girl who does that all the time!!! She is like i can't sing and she knows she can
Eveyone is like ya you can

it drives me crazy :evil:
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Re: Pet Peeves

Post by flying »

I know what you mean. Fishing for compliments? Like when someone who is obviously not fat will be like "I'm so fat!!" So all their friends will tells them how skinny they are.
That really annoys me too.

As for me, the only thing that bothers me more than when people do things wrong is when people do things slowly.

I also hate kids that walk slowly in the hallways. It annoys me SO much.
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Re: Pet Peeves

Post by NKistheshiz »

bubblylittlealice wrote:It's hard to explain but here it goes

when people say they aren't good at something just so other people will say 'no your good at...'

I know a girl who does that all the time!!! She is like i can't sing and she knows she can
Eveyone is like ya you can

it drives me crazy :evil:
I totally know what you're talking about. MY bff does the same thing. She'll be like 'I'm so fat' and she is like one of the skinniest people I know. She's pretty much anorexic. The rest of us have to tell her ' no you're not', it drives us all mad!
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Re: Pet Peeves

Post by Carrisa »

When a public place does not have a bathroom. Honestly, I hate it when I have to go only to look around and see there isn't a bathroom except for "employees only." Employees only?! Come on, customers have kidneys too you know! :evil:
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Re: Pet Peeves

Post by -veiled- »

kaitlyncullen wrote:i dont know if i've said this before but is it just me or does the sound of feet or anything rubbing on carpet just make you go crazy, cus it definitely does that to me!
Gahh! I know what you mean, it's right up there with scratching your nails on a chalkboard!

Re: Pet Peeves

Post by jaspercookie »

I'm a vegetarian and I can't stand it when people try to convince me that there's meat in everything.

Like, I was eating celery, and this girl goes, "Oh, the fertilizer they use to grow celery has horse blood in it." Grrr, it makes me so mad because you know they're just trying to get me to give up on being a vegetarian and I've been one for three years now.

Or when people say they're vegetarians just because they like the "glamor" of it. This girl I know tells everyone she's a vegetarian but she eats pork, chicken, fish, and turkey. Vegetarian is when you don't eat any dead animals whatsoever, okay people? Please get that straight. Gah, it aggravates me so much-- it's not about YOU, it's about the animals. If you really cared about the animals, you wouldn't be parading around your vegetarianess only to go and eat some chicken right afterwards.
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Re: Pet Peeves

Post by debussygirl »

I hate it when people scrape their fork against their teeth!!
My sister does it and she's been visiting and it drives me crazy!
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