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Re: Favorite TV Shows

Post by Dxplora07 »

The Dark Knight wrote:Burn Notice and Leverage are about theo only thing on TV worth watching this summer...There looks to be so good ones coming this fall. Even Deadliest Catch just fell short...When I can I like True Blood too...

Really wish they would go back & do Firefly again...
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Re: Favorite TV Shows

Post by best_beating_heart »

CSI: NY. (I loooooove Carmine Giovinazzo's accent!!)
Gossip Girl.
Make It or Break It.
The Secret Life of the American Teenager.
Project Runway.
What Not to Wear.
Say Yes to the Dress.
American Idol.
America's Got Talent.
World's Strictest Parents.
South Park.

oh and I also like cartoons! Like:
The Penguins of Madagascar.
The Fairly Odd Parents.
SpongeBob SquarePants.

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Re: Favorite TV Shows

Post by 19nomad90 »

best_beating_heart wrote: oh and I also like cartoons! Like:
The Penguins of Madagascar.
The Fairly Odd Parents.
SpongeBob SquarePants.
Lol I LOVE The Fairly Odd Parents it's so incredibly random :lol:
My favourite programmes are mostly commedies... most sitcoms... especially F.R.I.E.N.D.S
Erm... Family Guy, American Dad, Scrubs, The Office, Drawn Together and South Park. Haha I watched an episode the other day where they made fun of Twilight fans... normally I'd be offended but it was really funny... especially when Butters tried to drink Cartman's blood :lol:

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Re: Favorite TV Shows

Post by Emmett_Pwnz_All »

Tom and Jerry
For the win.
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Re: Favorite TV Shows

Post by VampireAlternative »

My faves are:
Criminal Minds
Lie To Me
So You Think You Can Dance (Canada)
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Re: Favorite TV Shows

Post by The Dark Knight »

Ok, may not be my favorited but the girls in the house love it, Project Run Way. There are several designers that just are not up to par in this season...They stick royally. Well, for myself you could just mute it and let Heidi Walk the runway and all would be well... :D

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Re: Favorite TV Shows

Post by DudeRocksTheTwilight »

I like:
Big Brother
Boy Meets World
Family Matters
George Lopez
That 70's Show
Codename Kids Next Door
Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
Saved by the Bell
Family Guy
The Simpsons
Total Drama Action
Hey Arnold
Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends
Flight 29 Down
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Re: Favorite TV Shows

Post by Shugo_vampire »

I love:

Top Chef
Project Runway
Big Brother
Espn in General
Ace of Cakes
Soul Eater (its not on Tv yet)
Avatar the Last AirBender
The Colbert Report
The Daily Show
Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion and R2
X-Men Evolution
The Amazing Race
Ouran High School Host Club
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Re: Favorite TV Shows

Post by SweetRinny »

Vampire Diaries and Supernatural :)
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Re: Favorite TV Shows

Post by MM579 »

Don't watch much TV at all really...

I watch the History Channel (Too many shows to list to go through what I like/dislike)
Robot Chicken
Family Guy occasionally
South Park

An all time favorite is M*A*S*H.
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