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Re: Alice and Jasper

Post by rapidheartbeat<3twi »

One thing that I just loved about Jasper's story was the fact that he's from the South! I never would have guessed, and I spent so much time picturing him as a southern gentleman. I wonder if he has any hint of an accent still? Or if he would naturally fall back into it if the Cullens spent some time in the south. I find it so fascinating! I think that his roots really explain a lot about his personality and his sweet, quiet nature with Alice.
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Re: Alice and Jasper

Post by Immy93 »

I think Bella and Edward kind fo have the same sort of relationship as Jasper and Alice!
They seem unable to live without one another but there is no drama with Alice and Jasper!
They love each other unconditionally and that's it!

I think it's in New Moon when Alice and Jasper get reunited and they simply just look at each other and take each other in!
I thought it was beautiful!
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Re: Alice and Jasper

Post by Zephyrus »

I love how, despite their tremendous differences personality-wise, they're just too perfect for each other. ^_^ They seem like probably the happiest couple in the series, I think. Jasper, despite his rather brutal background, seems perfectly at ease and able to let himself become attached to Alice. Alice loves him unconditionally, even though I'm certain they have very different interests. They seem like such an unlikely pairing... If they weren't together, you'd never dream of them being right for each other. ^_^;; Yet... they are.
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Re: Alice and Jasper

Post by Konyx »

Like everyone else, I love Jasper and Alice. They are perfect for no one else, it seems. I loved them in Twilight. That moment in New Moon when Alice returned to him made me...well, smile like a three-year-old with a bag of candy. Jasper's story was like the icing on the cake...a very good cake. They are my favorite couple. I really just can't get enough of them. Sorry this doesn't give much insight as to why I love them.

Oh! By the way, Thriving Ivory has a song called Secret Life and it's a great Jasper/Alice song. Just perfect for them.
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Re: Alice and Jasper

Post by ConstantlyDazzledxx »

awhh, i love these two. Alice&&Jasper. They're just too cute together. There my 2nd favorite couple, right underneath Edward and Bella. There just so amazingg, i just love there powers. <333 I can't imagine either one of them with someone else or not together. That really creeps me out. :shock: :cry:
Alice saved him and gave him hope. There so perfect for each other. Like Edward & Bella. Unable to be without the other. <333
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Re: Alice and Jasper

Post by Jane V »

^i completely agree. i couldn't picture either of them without the other one. they would be un-whole without each other, it seems. so sweet! <3333
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Re: Alice and Jasper

Post by sachael »

alice is my fave character and i wanna be like her.. then jasper is the cutest guy and the most mysterious.. bring 'em together and they would really be a great couple..

as i always say.. it's their opposite personality and true love makes their relationship so unique..

alice helped jasper felt hope.. and jasper completed alices missing pieces in the best way he could..

i'm quite skeptic about true love in real life.. but at least i know they exist even in books..
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Re: Alice and Jasper

Post by RebeccaCullen »

Jasper and Alice are really amazing in their own sense. Jasper, like Edward, wants to keep the one he loves the most safe. I think Jasper tries his hardest with this lifestyle because of Alice because of the deep connection they have. I just loved the backstory in Eclipse, and how Jasper came to be and how he met Alice and the rest of the family.
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Re: Alice and Jasper

Post by Brella »

Ok I so totally want to be in this relationship. Jasper and Alice I think complement each other so completely. I mean Alice with her power is for the most part confident, happy, and hopeful about the future. She is giving off major good vibes and Jasper lives in an enviroment of so much negativity, I mean so many people around him have so much saddness not to mention the doubts and pain and guilt he places on himself. He needs her in his life. And Alice needs the security and the safety and the love that Jasper just pours out to her. there is so much balance in their relationship, I am honestly envious. I don't think their love is as all consuming as Edward and Bella's but it is equally as powerful. JMHO...
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Re: Alice and Jasper

Post by piperdoodles »

I adore Alice and Jasper. They're a completely different kind of couple than Edward and Bella. You don't get as much description of their relationship or their dialogue, because they're not the main focus of the book, but I think that mystery just makes them even more appealing. I think their quiet, romantic compassion for one another is rare and special. They seem to exist on this plane outside of reality - they just understand the other person, so they don't feel the need to show it up with PDA and lots of talk. Lastly, my friends like to compare me to Alice (I'm short, hyper, friendly, energetic) and my boyfriend to Jasper (quiet, protective). That makes it even better! :)

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