Hello! New as well.

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Re: Hello! New as well.

Post by lag28wa »

Unfortunately yes, I am in Texas now. Texas is not my favorite place so far. My husband is a Marine training to fly jets, I think the other jet training location is in Missippi, and also remote. Oh well. We won't be here too long. So far we've been in Quantico, VA (very pretty in the fall!!) Pensacola, FL(beautiful beaches!), and now here (just farmland :? )

Also unfortunate that there are no Marine bases in Washington :cry: , there is the possibility of being stationed there for a very short time for some training. Which I would love!! I guess we'll just have to plan to retire there in like 15-20 years, maybe in Forks eh? Haha!

Thanks for the welcomes! I'll see you around! I love getting to pick other Twilighters' brains!
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Teaching Eric Social Graces
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Re: Hello! New as well.

Post by ChristinasHeadache »

HI HI!!! I was born in Washington in Pierce County. I live in Colorado now but I am trying so hard to move back to Washington now. My hubby is a trucker so he is trying to get a route going thru Olympia or near by there so we can! I am sooooo excited!!!
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Re: Hello! New as well.

Post by samajama »

Welcome to the Lex. PM if you have a question or just want to chat.
See you around the boards,

P.S. Since there is general confusion regarding my unisex nickname, it's short for Samantha, but everyone calls me Sam. :]
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Re: Hello! New as well.

Post by Twilight_Perfection »

Welcome to Lex!
Hope you enjoy it here.
I live in Lynnwood, Wa
So I don't think you were too far from me.
Not sure though.
Hope you come back soon!
If you ever want to chat just send a PM my way.


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Re: Hello! New as well.

Post by thephantom2890 »

I just recently joined. I used to post at the IMDB boards but the threads there were never on Twilight and I love Twilight too much to just sit here.

My name is Katie and I live in Colorado. Originally I came here to see if anyone knew the song from the final Twilight trailer. Don't worry, I already found the post on it and it told me what I already knew.
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Re: Hello! New as well.

Post by vampirechick101 »

sorry I couldn't post earlier :oops:
Welcome to the Lexicon!!!!
I'm vampirechick101 :D
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Re: Hello! New as well.

Post by slayerchick303 »

Hello lag28wa. Welcome to Lexicon! I'm sure you'll love it here as much as I have. If you need help figuring something out or just want to talk, you can PM me. I hope you have a nice weekend! :D
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