Canadian thread eh?

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Re: Canadian thread eh?

Post by Starless*Eyes »

I recently came back from a trip to Australia and my travel group consisted of all Americans, one Australian and one other crazy Canadian. *w00t*

I ended up convincing one of the American boys that as punishment we still stone people in Canada lmao. He was so serious about it and asked the other Canadian if it was true. I eventually told him it wasn't, but his face was priceless. XD
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Re: Canadian thread eh?

Post by who_needs_fangs? »

So I came back to Canadia for summer vacay. First off, it has been so hot. It's not right. Secondly, I have missed Tim Hortons so much. My growth is probably stunted from all the frapps. And I will never understand why people order Dutchies in their Tim Bits pack... it's a piece of dough with a raisin. Yum. That's totally worth it, that's totally better than STRAWBERRY GOODNESS! Yeah. Also, I need to get whatever Hedley and Marianas Trench albums have been playing on MuchMusic. I don't care if Hedley's video was way to freaking artsy, the song was still great.
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