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Re: Favorite Book of the Saga

Post by madness_falls »

Eclipse. Breaking Dawn would probably be my favourite if there wasn't Jacob's POV because I found him incrediblyt bratty and childish at times. Eclipse just has so much going on dynamics wise, and you start to really get to know the Cullens a lot better. Then of course there's Jasper's history, and the story of how Jasper and Alice met. :)
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Re: Favorite Book of the Saga

Post by Silver Rose »

Twilight. I love Edward and Bella's personalities in that book. They were much different than in the other books. In Twilight, Edward was this enigma and I couldn't get enough of that. Then in the other books, that all changes and he turned into a huge worry wart. Bella changed as well. In Twilight, she was this head-strong, independent person. But in the rest of the saga, she became more and more dependent on Edward and Jacob. It was so irritating because it was like she couldn't do anything anymore.
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Re: Favorite Book of the Saga

Post by Susie »

It's such a difficult question!!

I love them all for different things, but when I've had a bad day/week, I want to get under the covers and cuddle up with Twilight, not the others. What does that say, I wonder? It is just so wonderful on its own. So romantic.
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Re: Favorite Book of the Saga

Post by Jace »

Twilight followed by Eclipse. The story in these two books moves right along and it it was hard to put the books down I had to find out what happens next, a fun read.
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Re: Favorite Book of the Saga

Post by wyrda78 »

1. Breaking Dawn
2. Twilight
3. Eclipse
4. New Moon

Breaking Dawn is my favourite book by far, probably because Bella becomes a vampire (which i`ve been waiting for since book 1; Stephenie Meyer finds so many reasons to delay it, I mean, just bite her allready!)
My least favourite is New Moon, because I hate to see Edward leave her... it`s so sad :bye:
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Re: Favorite Book of the Saga

Post by TeamBella76 »

Wow this is really really hard ! I love them all for different reasons. But I will go with either Twilight or Eclipse. Twilight ! I just love the beginning to any story especially this one. When reading you can honestly feel the electricity and I wonder what it would read like if Stephenie did edit ? I love Twilight beautiful story !
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Re: Favorite Book of the Saga

Post by BellaMia »

Twilight is my favorite. Although if Stephenie finished Midnight Sun, that may be my new favorite. I'd have to say New Moon is my least favorite. While it introduces Jacob to the series as a real character and it's interesting to see the dynamics of the Jacob/Bella relationship develop, it's still fairly depressing. Since the books are mostly told from Bella's POV, if she's depressed, I'm a bit depressed too. I like Edward and Bella far too much as a couple to like any book where Edward is for the most part absent. So my order of favorites is: 1. Twilight, 2. Breaking Dawn, 3. Eclipse and 4. New Moon.
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Re: Favorite Book of the Saga

Post by Nora »

My favorite would be Breaking Dawn. I just love to read all about the vampires and Nessie. I also like reading what the wolves think in the Jacob part of the book. I also like New Moon quite much, though the part where Edawrd leaves her is really difficult to read for me. I like New Moon because of Jacob mostly I think, at least in the beginning. I like how he is so positive and happy. But I think that all of the books are great and I love them all.
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Re: Favorite Book of the Saga

Post by Cayana »

I love Twilight! The book where it all starts for Edward and Bella, getting to know each other and the pure sweet love they share! Also, the meeting-the-family bit is one of my favs!

But on the other hand New Moon has the great part after Bella saves Edward. Bella thinking Edward doesn't want her anymore and then Edward telling her he still loves her madly and isn't going anywhere. "As if there was any way I could exist without needing you!" *melt*

Eclipse has a lot of fabulous parts though! Bella hitting Jacob is superb, especially Edward's calmly livid reaction to it. That made me fall in love with Edward. Calm, collected, deadly and even a sense of humour! I saw this movie before I read the book and (please don't bite my head off!) I liked the proposal scene in the movie better than in the book. It annoyed me that Bella kept complaining in the book! Doesn't want to get married, doesn't want a ring (not even want to look at it at first!), doesn't want a proper proposal with Edward on one knee... I was screaming at her the during all the pages!
I did love the manipulation bit afterwards with Alice though ;P This book shows their relationship becoming a bit more equal with Bella getting her own way a few times and being confident enough to threaten Edward in a voice message. Loved the interaction between them, especially when Edward got back that night... Kind of leaning towards Eclipse now all of a sudden!

But looking at Breaking Dawn... there is just soooo much goodness! I wasn't that happy with her being pregnant at first though. I was imagining her in college, was imagining how the change to a vampire would be done, if Edward could really handle doing that, how the others would react etc etc and suddenly there's a baby?! This changes everything! Jacob's story was very well done and I began to appreciate him more while seeing the story from his side. He's got a temper and a hard head, but he's also very funny, loyal and brave. I loved the pack interactions and the interactions Jake and Seth had with the Cullens. Esme washing clothes for Leah "I touched them as little as possible." Aaaww... so sweet!
After the change it all became even better. The first hunt, the absolute bliss those first weeks were for Edward and Bella in the cottage at night, playing during the day with their beautiful daughter and the best end we could imagine (after a brilliant fight where thank goodness nobody was killed): Edward finally hearing Bella's thoughts!

Mmm now I would have to make a choice it seems. What is my favourite book? Well... All my too long ramblings (is anyone still reading this?) have left me with the conclusion that I have no favourite out of the four books. It will be a pain, but I guess I'll take m all with me on holiday. I will not choose!
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Re: Favorite Book of the Saga

Post by mybrandofheroin »

I love Twilight in a way that differs from my love of the other books just because it is the first book and because I always turn to that particular book to escape from real life. I think that's why I've read it so many times... But Eclipse is probably my favorite. I love learning the back stories of Rosalie and Jasper especially, and that's probably the main reason why I love it so much. I could just re-read the part about Jasper's past over and over again.
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