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Re: Sunny/Kyle

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Jazzy wrote:Kyle and Sunny's relationship, even though it was minor compared to the other couples, actually had a BIG impact with me.

Through the whole book, even with all the Mel/Jared, Ian/Wanda love, there were times when I felt something tighten in my chest whenever Wanda longed for Jared. Maybe because it was so IMPOSSIBLE, that made a small part of me root for them. My heart was pounding towards the end when Jared "lied" to Wanda and told her he loved her.

But I knew that would never work, cos Jared and Mel belonged together. But I was still conflicted. It's not fair for the souls, having the hosts memories of their love, their partner, and not being able to do anything about it. Just helplessly loving that person without a choice.

So when Sunny got to "keep" Kyle, it was like a nice replacement. In their own way, the soul finally gets the man it's body craved for. Does that make sense?? :lol:
I realise I’m the second person to quote this, but you just put it so beautifully, Jazzy!

I think that because their relationship developed in such a short amount of time (comparatively – just the last section of the book), it actually makes it a bit more intense, and makes you realize how much they both needed each other.
Sunny needed Kyle in a way that she couldn’t control: she had needed him for as long as she had been on Earth in Jodi’s body – long before Kyle came and took her away with him.
I think that Kyle needed Sunny in a way he didn’t quite understand, though… it wasn’t really because she was in Jodi’s body, but more because he was learning how to be open-minded, how to protect and care for someone, and how to love again. Remember how he said, “Jodi’s dead,” in that really savage way, right at the beginning of the book, when they’re talking about what to do with Wanda and Mel? Well, this might sound weird, but I think that Kyle was coming to terms with his perceptions of the aliens, and his ideas about Jodi being dead vs. having her body taken over.
It seemed to me that Kyle was maturing as a person, which allowed his relationship with Sunny to grow the way it did.

~ Kat
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