How Has Stephenie Meyer inspired you?

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Re: How Has Stephenie Meyer inspired you?

Post by i2foundu »

Most people reminded during funerals that life is short, so your choices should reflect that. Instead this series made me think: What if life never ended? What choices would you make today if you new that tomorrow never would come. (You might even think that spending two years watching the one you loved sleeping was worth every moment.)
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Re: How Has Stephenie Meyer inspired you?

Post by SilentHeart »

Monica wrote:Oh wow. Where to begin?
That's right: Where do I begin?

It's not that I've never read before, but SM's books thought me something more about reading. I never truly tried to understand a character. I could identify with most up to a point, but I never looked ahead and see what I would have done if I was in their place, understand why they reacted that way. I often disliked characters due to my apathy while reading. The two things I kept in mind was the style the author used and the idea. I now started to place myself in the characters' shoes and try to explain to myself their actions. I was surprised to end up unable to hold a grudge even for the charcaters I most disliked. It's true I read even slower now, but I enjoy every book ten times more :D

Also, I've never really cared to know the exact meaning of a word. When I read in English, I often skip words that I don't know cause I can tell what the phrase is reffering to. But having read the Twilight Saga a few times, words I didn't know started to bother me, so I made a list and carefully solved it. It's became a habit since.

I've always enjoyed staring at the ceiling for no apparent reason, picturing stuff or trying to put an order in my thoughts; now I started staring at the ceiling imagining people, places, conversations and writing everything down - I've finally decided to put the lazyness aside and go for it! Write whatever is on my mind.

I got more aware of the fact I miss a lot in a conversation and I try to be more attentive to whatever might suggest what the thoughts of the person I'm speaking to are.

I don't think vampires are stupid or scary or boring (well, I do think that about "normal" vampires-sorry, but I've never liked them --_--''); I still think it's silly, but I don't feel as bad everytime I fall down (I might blame imaginary stones or thresholds or whatever for that, though) and I don't mind getting up early anymore (but I do sleep till noon everytime I get the chance :P).

I can't remember anything else right now, still Twilight brought changes that I'm grateful for :D

Thank you SM and thank you for reading this.

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Re: How Has Stephenie Meyer inspired you?

Post by Heart_in_Hand »

She inspired me to make this:

It's the first video I've ever made, so please give me feedback! :)

Even though I am more Team Edward, I really do like Jacob, and I wonder what Bella might have said/done if she could not forgive Edward for leaving her in NM. That song/story is what I think Bella might have thought if she did not take Edward back... and essentially chose Jacob instead.

So, to Team Jacob... this is for you! ;)
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Re: How Has Stephenie Meyer inspired you?

Post by azerigold »

Well firstly, she got me reading again. I honestly had give up on ever finding a good book that I really could get into. I've always liked books with action, and very likeable characters. It was as if the stuff I read the writer was 'distant' from the character, and there wasn't a depth to them. And obviously the 'beautiful' girl falls in love with the big muscular hero.
Sure Twilight is a love story, but unlike one I've ever enjoyed. There is some action, and I just love the sarcasm! There is different feel to her books.
Previously my all time favorite book has been the action packed, scarecrow series by Matt Reilly - Ice Station, Area 7 and Scarecrow. I've always been in love with the main characters of those books.

Also, I am no where near good enough to be a writer, but I enjoy writing down dreams I had, or a story idea I get in my head. I can come up with the story, I just can't get it on paper errr uh computer very well. Still, with Twilight it inspired me to write out one I had thought of years ago, more or less just a rough draft to get it down, and corny or not, I am having fun with it, and so what if nobody else ever reads it, it's there for my enjoyment :) But the point being, she inspired me to revive this in me :)
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Re: How Has Stephenie Meyer inspired you?

Post by ringswraith »

Well, Stephenie Meyer inspired me to write my own story, a fanfic (link in my sig), which I've gotten numerous positive reviews for. Like Twilight, it too started with a dream, and it took me about three months to complete.

She continues to inspire me, for I am writing yet again, hoping for a longer story than the first, using the same characters.
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Re: How Has Stephenie Meyer inspired you?

Post by ment2be134 »

I don't know if i can explain but i will try ( sorry it's so corny :oops: ).....
First off she inspired me to read larger books. You see when i was younger i couldn't read very good, then in forth grade my mom got me a tutor i could read better after that but i wasn't very confident in my ability to read books more then 200ish pages. I tried once put i only got half way through and stopped, though i did like the book. I was always picking up big books and putting them back ( secretly cursing my reading abilities). When my friend first told me i should read Twilight it was a little daunting because of the size. But i was hooked from the first second i started reading. I read the book with out putting it down till 4 in the morning ( i was on Christmas break) that's when i finished. I finely have the confidence to take on most books......
So i guess you can say that she gave me the confidence to be a better me. In all area's of my life i felt i could get through it all. and though she didn't exactly give me the idea of ever lasting love she certainly made my belief in it more strong and gave use ALL hope for better men

p.s Thanks Stephanie Meyer
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Re: How Has Stephenie Meyer inspired you?

Post by jawsuhlin »

Well, I guess you could say she made think I can write. It's quite obvious that she is a beginning writer, but despite that, she created a beautiful story. It reminded me that a book is about telling a story and telling it well more than it is about adjectives and pronouns. Yeah, I said it. I'm sort of a grammar freak, so when I started reading I was skeptical. After the second chapter of Twilight, I put aside all of my arrogant judgments and went to reading the story instead of the writing.

Something about the way she tells the story pulls me back into the classics- the lovely Jane Austen, for example. She lets the feelings and passions direct her writing. She lets the characters lead instead of the story line. I hope to eventually do the same. There are a million little stories floating around in my head, and the characters are just itching to get out. Stephenie Meyer showed me that you don't have to have a name like Stephen King or Dean Koontz to get published; you just need a story and the patience to let it tell itself.

Go Stephenie.
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Re: How Has Stephenie Meyer inspired you?

Post by Jadey »

Can't really explain how shes inspired me but..
ever since I read the series, my life hasn't really been the same :oops:
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Re: How Has Stephenie Meyer inspired you?

Post by Maus »

It's difficult to explain. See, I started writing a story about 6 years ago... and as I learn more, I feel that I have to keep editing what I've already written to make it sound "better". I used to think that something wasn't a good book unless it was quite literally epic.... for example: The Lord of the Rings Trilogy. Stephenie Meyer's books are also good, but simpler... focusing more of the character than on the plot. She helped me to write more about what I know than about what I wish I knew.
Also, some of her characters, like Melanie from The Host, have helped me to get through some extremely tough times.
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Re: How Has Stephenie Meyer inspired you?

Post by fanatic215 »

stephenie has inspired me in many ways. now every night i dream of having an edward. she has showed me that there is love. my parents havent really had a real love, so i didnt really believe that there was any. once ive read her books i havent put her books down.
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