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Re: Fan Fic Recommendation Thread

Post by rae_rae0206 »

ok so after i found this thread i totally fell in love with fanfictions!! So i am going to recommend a couple and i don't think most of them are on here and if they are then i am sorry!! I also added a couple at the bottom that i know have been recommended but they are just that good i had to recommend them again!!

Destiny will not be ignored
author: LoganVan
Summary:The story takes place during New Moon. Alice never saw Bella jump from the cliff, therefore they never went to Italy. Bella and Edward try to start over without one another. Are they destined to be together? (it follows bella as she goes to college and ends up running into the cullens! really good AU!) ... Be_Ignored

Past and Present
author: GiveUsAKiss413
Summary:AU. Bella has been a vampire for centuries by the time Twilight starts. Carlisle and Bella have been friends for 200 years, but she hasn't seen or spoken to him since Edward was changed. Carlisle has been lying to Edward about his human life and change. (the summary explains it perfectly without giving too much away, but it is slightly ooc for bella since she is a 200 year old vampire! definitely worth the read though!)

Daughter of Volterra
Author: gemmabobella
Summary:Bella is a newborn vampire in Volterra with no human memories and an aversion to human blood. Aro decides to send her to live with the Cullens. Will Bella ever uncover her past? will she find what she is missing? What is Aro's master plan? R&R (i love stories like this based around the volturi) ... f_Volterra

Loyalty and Love
Author: Chedea
Summary:Edward Cullen has left his family to join the Volturi. He is among the elite, respected, feared and envied. Can one human girl, placed under his charge to become a vampire, detroy all of this? What will win out, his loyalty or his love? (obviously the human is Bella! definitely one of my FAVORITE stories! and i think this was the one that made me cry towards the end...i can't remember for sure though! LOL! :D )

Twice In A Lifetime Singer
Author: flamigo1325
Summary:What happens when decades after Bella is changed and joins the Cullen family, Edward comes across another singer? What if she, too, is immune from his mind reading? Rated T right now, but could change later.(definitely not the ending you would expect!) ... ime_Singer

Then i would also definitely recommend Only Human, which is recommended alot on here! Because it is awesome!

Dark side of the moon (this is the best New Moon from edwards POV that i have read! basically amazing!)

Bella Hale (even though it is REALLY long! definitely worth it, this is what it would be like if the cullens adopted bella when she was little and she grew up with them!)

Parenting Skills 101 (i think that is on here but basically a funny story about how all the couples have to become 'parents' for a school project!)

okay i know that i recommended way more then most people on here have but like i said i got really addicted to these things, and i noticed that there haven't been a whole lot added lately!! I hope that i have helped someone out and recommend some good stories for you guys to enjoy! Happy reading! Sorry it wouldn't let me add the URLs for the last couple but if you want them and don't want to look on here just send a reply and i will post them for you!
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Re: Fan Fic Recommendation Thread

Post by dandyvampgirl_13 »

AH! Parenting 101! I've been looking for that one forever! I read it ages ago, and it was hillarious!
I can just go look it up though, know that I remember the title.... Thanks!
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Re: Fan Fic Recommendation Thread

Post by gkk »

OMG!!!!! BWA-ha-ha-ha-haaaa *gasp* Can't.... breathe.... LMAO! OMG OMG OMG... I can't breathe!

Summary: While out of town, Bella devises a way to finally seduce the ever virtuous Edward – with a little help from an unexpected source.
Time period: Takes place during Eclipse, when Edward takes Bella away for the weekend to see her mother.
Warnings: NC-17 for sexual content.
Pairings: B/E


Renée stuck her head into the room, smiling rather obviously at Edward. “Did you finish your term paper, dear? It was such a shame you couldn’t join us on our little shopping trip.”

“I did, thank you,” he said, turning up the charm. Edward certainly knew how to give good parent. “I think it was for the best that I stayed here, though. You and Bella don’t have much time together.”

“Well, aren’t you sweet?” said Renée. “Goodness, look at the time. You both must be tired, what with the time change and all. Bella, why don’t you come help me finish up with the bed linens? I want to show you something.”

I looked at Edward helplessly. His face was scrunched up into a tight smirk, trying to hold in another bout of laughter. I was going to kill him when I finally got him alone.

Renée was lying about needing help. She already had the guest bedroom fixed up for us with the covers turned down. I noticed that the sheets didn’t match the pillowcases, and the duvet cover was on backwards. Everything smelled strangely of dishwasher detergent.

She was digging in the drawer of the nightstand beside the bed, muttering to herself. “Now where did I put those things? Oh, here they are. You should always have these, just in case.” She handed me several foil packets, and I stared down at them in horror. “These are condoms. Have they taught you about these in school?”

Downstairs, Edward howled with laughter.

Renée heard him and blinked at the doorway in confusion. “You don’t think he heard me, do you? But he’s all the way downstairs.”

“H-he must be on his cell phone,” I explained rather hastily.

“Huh. Anyway, you need to be very careful not to tear-”

“Just stop, Mom!” I begged. “I’m not going to need them because nothing is going to happen!”
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Re: Fan Fic Recommendation Thread

Post by i_like_popcorn_lots »

hey guys

I know it's not fan fic, but I couldn't really figure out where to post...
so here goes

for an assignment, I had a create a website on anything of my choosing
so of course, I chose twilight

Was wondering if you guys would be able to check it out, maybe fill out the survey about Twilight?

Thanks for your help :)
And i'm really sorry about the ads on the page.
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Re: Fan Fic Recommendation Thread

Post by gkk »

Author recommendation.....

This author has only written 4 (and yet long chapter) "Twilight" stories, but she is utterly remarkable. Canon pairings, adventure, intrigue and drama. If Fanfic wasn't around online, I'd happily PAY for her work. It's well-written, well-paced, stays true to canon, no weeping Bella every third paragraph, no Edward picking Bella up to carry her every other twenty steps.... Strong characters with strong traits in well-developed situations and plots.

You won't be disappointed.

-gkk (gkkmouse, gkkstitch)

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Re: Fan Fic Recommendation Thread

Post by Jazzy »

I highly recommend this one, one of the best Twilight fanfics I've read:

It happens a few years after Breaking Dawn. The Volturi captures Alice and the Cullens have to get her back, with help from their friends. I love that the whole gang is back, including the wolves, the Denalis with Garrett, Benjamin, etc...

It's still a work in progress tho, but so far it's been AWESOME!!!
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Re: Fan Fic Recommendation Thread

Post by Dovrebanen »

I would like to read a fan fic about Edward from the time before he was changed and the time up until he met Bella in Forks. And there is just so much material out there, and it's difficult to find the good stuff. So if anyone has any recommendations, I would really like to hear them. Thanks.
Other than that, I have to say that I have just been reading Bella Hale ( after recommendation here. I loved it. So thanks for recommending. But I hope she finishes it though.
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Re: Fan Fic Recommendation Thread

Post by »

I second the rec on Bella Hale, its very good :P
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Re: Fan Fic Recommendation Thread

Post by Zina »

Thanks rae_rae0206 there a few there I haven't read yet that I will check out.
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Re: Fan Fic Recommendation Thread

Post by annabelle »

does anyone know any srs rosalie/emmett or alice/jasper fics? and by srs i mean no OOC or AH or PWP. which means i don't want to read fics like the red line, wide awake, or tropic of virgo lol.

i've been in a srs bsns mood lately.
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