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Re: Questions for the Cast

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Re: Questions for the Cast

Post by Edwards Wheels »

I would ask these questions of any of the cast
Do you have the soundtrack on your Ipod?
What songs are your favourite?
And if you haven't what music do you enjoy and do you have any songs that you'd've loved to have had on any of the films?

I've got loads more and I'll post them when I can remember them :lol:
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Re: Questions for the Cast

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Wow, there are some great questions here! I can never think of any. I'd be hopeless at Q and A times at conventions!

With Rob and the comment where he hates kids, it was in a Twilight interview where they were asking what he thought about all the teenage girls who were saying that they wanted to have his babies. He was saying that they should contact him, but that he didn't like kids at all. He later made a comment about someone giving him their baby on the set of Twilight(he said this on Ellen) and said that it was "actually quite a nice kid". He sounded genuinely surprised. I've heard him say other things that make me think that he finds kids annoying. However, it would only be certain kids, probably, and he said recently that he does want his own kids one day, so I'm guessing he wasn't 100% serious - no surprise there!
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