Chapter 21: First Hunt

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Re: Chapter 21: First Hunt

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1. How easy does it seem that Bella learns how to control her body and movements? Do you find it odd that for someone who was so clumsy, she can easily emulate Edward’s movements?
Not at all, I always expected her to be this way, all vampires are after all!
2. What were your reactions to finally being on a hunt? Was Bella’s first hunt what you expected? Why or why not?
Well I am going to gush about this part, undoubtedly my favorite chapter of the book! I waited with baited breath for Bella becoming a vampire and for her to experience all things vampire with Edward. It exceeded all my expectations! The way Bella was loving all her new skills, the way Edward and Bella enjoyed being along side each other as equals, the pride he was already starting to show at how well she was adjusting! I didn't expect for them to come across a human trail, so found that really exciting too! Although, I knew as I was reading that part, she would do the honorable thing. I thought it was exciting, romantic and sexy all at the same time. This chapter for me was just as I wanted it, why did I expect it to be this way? Well because of Bella's intuition, I always knew she was going to be an amazing vampire and that Edward would eventually accept that it was a good thing to change her because of this.
3. Do you feel that Bella is behaving like a normal newborn vampire? Think about Riley and the descriptions that Jasper gave regarding newborns in Eclipse, how much different does Bella seem? Why do you think she has more control over thirst?
No, without question she is not a normal newborn. I think she is like this because of her build up to the event. When people are changed, in general they have no idea what is happening or what to expect. Bella is more than aware, plus she has the added incentive of going through this for love. Her love for Edward is powerful and I think this would have been enough, but now she has the added incentive of experiencing a mother's love. I am a mother, so I know how powerful that is and how it makes you want to be the best person you can be. Plus, Bella is an incredibly brave and strong young lady, she takes this into her vampire life and as with other aspects of their human lives, thoughts, feelings and behaviors become even more powerful as the become vampires.
4. How do you feel Edward is coping with Bella being transformed? What adjustments do you think he is making and what do you suppose he is feeling?
Well, I think, in general anyway! I think he still feels incredibly responsible for her, and as stated, he has problems reconciling with the fact that she can take care of herself now. However, I think now he has the reassurance that she is good at the vampire way of life, he is getting extreme satisfaction from it. He is already very proud of her and enjoying the fact they can be together as equals.
5. Bella is now coming to understand the bond of mating between vampires. What are your reactions to those feelings she is discovering? Does experiencing her feelings give a better insight to how Edward may have been feeling in the previous books? Do you think this understanding may give you a different perspective when you think of the “break-up” scene in New Moon?
I totally loved how she appreciated Edward even more and the way being a vampire intensified her desires for him. I really like this question, as I did look at the saga from a slightly different perspective once it had been explained by Bella. I always appreciated how hard it must be for Edward to be even slightly normal with Bella, given the whole blood and strength thing, but the way Bella describes how feelings are intensified really made me look at their love a little different. In New Moon, we know it's hard for Edward, but because the book is from Bella's perspective, we feel her pain more. Plus, I always thought Edward said he loved her more because he couldn't imagine Bella loving someone like him, so much. Which, o.k is part of the reason, but it made me realize that he actually did have the capacity to love her with more intensity. This made the sacrifice he made in New Moon even more heartbreaking, for me anyway.
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Re: Chapter 21: First Hunt

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I'm really looking forward to seeing this chapter in the movie. I hope they have given this enough time because it's pivotable for the whole theory why Bella is almost made to be a veggie vampire.
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Re: Chapter 21: First Hunt

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It sounds like they're going to!
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