Bryce Dallas Howard as Victoria 2.0

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Re: Bryce Dallas Howard as Victoria 2.0

Post by bored by the sea »

its difficult, i mean she wasn't soo bad that it dragged the movie down or owt becuase it was amazing, she just didn't match up to Rachelles victoria, if that makes any sense :lol:
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Re: Bryce Dallas Howard as Victoria 2.0

Post by SwanCullen »

That is true. You said it perfectly Vicky. I think maybe when I watch it more, I might grow to like her as Victoria.
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Re: Bryce Dallas Howard as Victoria 2.0

Post by Melody »

I thought she was great but because i was used to seeing Rachelle playing Victoria it seemed very different. Maybe is Bryce had been doing it from the start of the movies i would have like it better :/ I was just comparing her to Rachell the whole time and i think she is a heck of a lot more scary!

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