Hi, I'm Chernaudi...

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Hi, I'm Chernaudi...

Post by Chernaudi »

Hi. I'm Chernaudi(figure the meaning of that name out!). I'm new here, but I'm not new to Twilight, also being a member of the offical Twilight Saga forum. I'm mostly here to talk about the books, characters, and one day, maybe share some of my fan fictions in that area, as well as some off topic stuff(that's some of where my name comes in).

Also, don't be afraid to befriend me if you'd like or say hi, since I'm new here.

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Re: Hi, I'm Chernaudi...

Post by n0vaice »

Hi Chernaudi!Welcome to the lex.
I'm Karl, hope you like it here.
Catch you around the boards.
PM me for anything, anytime.

and your name is a combination of Cher and Audi. ;)

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Re: Hi, I'm Chernaudi...

Post by audreywarenne »

Hey! Welcome to the Lex!
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Re: Hi, I'm Chernaudi...

Post by Jazzy'sgirl112108 »

hey!! welcome to lex!! hope to see you around the boards!! :D
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Re: Hi, I'm Chernaudi...

Post by twilight.geek »

Welcome! If you need anything, let me know!
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