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Re: Gen Y --The 20 something's thread

Post by vampirenerd »

So, I am also making my first post here. Read through a few pages and it seems like you guys are very close..and VERY open lol (the spanx post cracked me up, but I do agree they work wonders). My name is Emily and I'm 22. I just got married this past October to an amazing guy, and so far no babies for me. Though everyone seems to expect me to pop one out as soon as they ask. Just wanted to say HI and hopefully I'll be able to get to know you guys.
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Re: Gen Y --The 20 something's thread

Post by CappuGirl »

Quickly swinging by to drop this link: ... t%20scrap/
It's my Twilight-folder on Photobucket. I know my sig-making skills aren't near as awesome as Misty's but I thought of sharing them anyway. These are for any lexling to use. The first page sigs I did just today; Eclipse related. Page 2-3 is pretty much New moon. Next Twilight-movie. Last ones I made before the first movie even came out. I deleted some of the worst ones so there should be only decent ones left. The texts don't show on all of the smaller preview-pics so be sure to click them open to get the quotes and puns. Let me know what you think. 8-)
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Re: Gen Y --The 20 something's thread

Post by therealmrswhitlock »


Hello Emily, I'm Jen and I'm 25. (Gawd I feel old saying that...) Make yourself at home, pull up a beanbag and join in the hilarity!

Me: I spent another day at the farm and I have come to this conclusion--I absolutely, unequivocally, with out question, HATE COWS! They smell, they're always covered in mud, and they're disgusting. From this day forward I swear I'll never eat beef again. Ewww.

That is all! Later!
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Re: Gen Y --The 20 something's thread

Post by obieewok »

Just a quick drop in to say Happy Birthday to my girls Halls and Megs. Neither one of you look a day over 10, so rest assured you will continue to be carded excessively for years to come.

To all the new peeps lurking or making themselves known---I'm Obs, and technically I'm 29 but do to my ridonk-ulous beauty, we shall all say I'm 18. In addition to being mistaken constantly for a Maxim model, I'm also the mother of two, the paternity of which Rob still won't fess' up to, but that's alright---there Jackson's anyway. I hail from Texas, home of the Dallas Cowboys and all you can eat buffets, both of which sometimes make me sick. While I'm no longer as addicted to Twilight as I once was, I will say that I'm absolutely Lady Gaga over all things paranormal, having gotten really REALLY addicted to paranormal crap romance while on maternity leave. So most of the time at work you'll find me in the break room reading what appears to be Pride and Prejudice when it reality is more than likely a really smutty book about vamps, werewolves or fairies or something. I make no apologizes for my reading picks---without smut, it'd be a very very sad world. Best smut ever was spawned from Twilight----just go read some of the Twilight fanfic. (and if you aren't sure what fanfic is, boy, have I got a present wrapped up for you:) My turn ons include nachos, butlers, butlers with nachos, cyborgs and anything that removes backfat (said nachos cause lots of backfat.) Turn offs include butlers with no nachos, reality shows featuring Bret Michaels, terms like "cold turkey" because if you think about it, they make no sense, and last but not least belly chains, because anything I'd have to buy two of to work just irks me.

All that being said, welcome to our part of the lex----hold on, because it's bound to get kinky.

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Re: Gen Y --The 20 something's thread

Post by SarahGoddard »

Hi guys!

Totally not had time to read properly so advance apologies for missing people.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MEGS AND HOLLY!!! Hope you both had stupendous days full of joy! :D

OBIE!!! *Tackles Obs in a crazy girl luvin hug* Glad your back sweetie! We missed you *huggles*

So yup been in Fort Collins for a few days with um...thingy. Whats his name again? hehe! :lol:

If I wasnt the smitten kitten before well...I dont have adequate words now! I won't make you all gag with lovey dovey stuff but I'm pretty giddy and gooey about now. :mrgreen: Any suggestions on how to convince the US government to let me in over here will be greatly appreciated. On a postcard to the freepost address please.

*Waves quick hello to newbies* I'm Sarah, 22, London, although currently travelling through the states meeting a bunch of this lovely lot including the only remaining Twi-guy who I have blatatly stolen. (sorry gals - especially Obs seeing as I didnt get permission... :oops: )

Ok gotta run. Seriously love you all muchos muchos muchos and I will so be catching up properly at some indeterminate point in the future. *Huggles and smooches*

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Re: Gen Y --The 20 something's thread

Post by DHSHolly »

Hi all. I have been complete fail in posting here. I apologize. but for some reason the lex stopped emailing me when there are new posts. I don't know why it's stopped doing that.

Thanks all for the birthday wishes. I did have an awesome day. I got a glee shirt and some cookies from Terry. Got some clothes and a currency reader machine from my parents, and the second and third seasons of torchwood from Darcy. Yay John Barrowman.

I just started reading the blackdaggger brotherhood books. I just finished book 4 z's book. I love v so far, so far he's my favorite.

I will try and post more in future. and happy birthday megs my birthday twin. :)
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Re: Gen Y --The 20 something's thread

Post by Wingtear »

Maria, I ♥LOVE♥ the cougar bait banner :twisted:
Obie, isn't pride and prejudice a bit too much porno for the -icon's to be a good cover?
Sarah, I'm thrilled you had a great time with he-who-shall-not-be-named :roll: and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!
Holly, I really liked Torchwood in the beginning (they air it in the middle of the night here, during one of our nightly feeding rituals) but when the alien stuff started, I gave it up.
Newbies, Welcome! I'm Ninna, 26, married to a Jacob personality-alike, mom to a 5 month old pup and the awesomest dragon you'll ever meet without being eaten (I however give no guarantee that I won't eat you should the need arise)

I have no time to post, I'm sewing... or was... before I got caught here... :mrgreen: :lol: :roll:
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Re: Gen Y --The 20 something's thread

Post by Velvet Voice »

Well wow, it's been so long since I've been posting here that I'm not even automatically logged in anymore and I'm quite proud of myself for remembering my pw on my own, considering how sleepy and a bit feverish I am *pats herself proudly on her own head*

So well nothing interesting to say, like most of the times, only wanted to drop by and say hi, as I've said before it's hard for me keeping up with everything and you can mostly find me on FB, but well just thought I'd come back to the place where all the Lexily madness (a beautiful and blessed madness) began and use the occasion to wish a very - thou belated - happy birthday to my McTwiney MEGS & HOLLY and to SARAH: we all know you are obviously celebrating a VERY special birthday!! *giggles like a teen girl, bc that's exactly what she is in the end*

For the newbies, hellooooo everyone!!! I'm Sonia, from Italy, I'm 28 and still find it hard to say and most of all BELIEVE it, bc honestly there are times - way more often than what I like to admit - that I dont feel a day older than 15 ... which can actually be a problem with work, responsabilities and all ... still sometimes I like to believe it :roll:

Oh damn did I just roll my eyes??? Well hope no one gets a palm twitch ... *bites lip*

Well yes I'm into fanfics too (not many thou) and it's mostly Becca's and Obie's fault. And I love them for that (too) Thank you girls!! <3

Well, off to my lunch break and probably to get me an aspirin too, damn I really didn't need this half flu thing, a friend should be visiting me this weekend and I don't wanna be sick!!! Ughhhh!

Bye all! *hugs everyone*
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Re: Gen Y --The 20 something's thread

Post by dimber »

Wingtear wrote: Chiara
Wanna come live here for a while? I'd snap at your MIL anytime she'd try to disturb you!
Will you find out the sex or let it be a surprise? What exactly is your due-date? I'm curious since I got pregnant about the same time last year. What should we call you little miracle? Mine was the pup, and Obie's was Alice, what will yours be?
Well, that's a good question indeed...since we don't know if it's a she or a he we're calling it...IT :lol: I know it's not very cool you have any idea? With the in-laws, my own parents and the grannie here I can't even think properly. Nausea is getting better, by the way, which is extremely good. I'll think about it, anyway, and will be back with a proper nickname asap :mrgreen:

As you might imagine, I don't have time to follow all your posts. I hope everything is ok with all of you. hugs
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Re: Gen Y --The 20 something's thread

Post by bored by the sea »

like vampirenerd this is my first post on here just thought id drop by and say hey to every1, im vicky and i'm 27 looking forward to have a chat with people my age about all things twilight especially seeing as everyone always assumes its just for teenagers :lol:
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