New Moon-Your movie going experience

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Re: New Moon-Your movie going experience

Post by bored by the sea »

as dazzled21 just said it has been a while, but i was reminiscing about it 2day with my best twi-bud so i thought id post on here lol

did you go to a midnight showing or wait?
i went to a midnight showing with my best twi-bud wer the only ones hardcore enough to go c it at midnight :lol: over here you dont have to queue to get into the cinema you just pre-book your tix+choose your seats and your set. :)

did you dress up or wear a special shirt?
my tshirt didnt come in time, but we both have canvas totes that say "its a Twilight thing you wouldn't understand" +we proudly wore our Team Edward badges and a badge that says "i have O.C.D. obsessive Cullen disorder" lol

what were the crowds like?
at the midnight showing i kinda felt as though every1 was kind of quietly excited, it was fun.

Will you go see it again?
this is the section where i will sound physco!! :lol: i saw it at midnight on the day of release, then at 11 that morning because our cinema announced the midnight showing after they announced this one and we wanted to be in the first screening so we already had tickets for this, then at 7 that night with our friends who aren't really that bothered by it, theeeeennnn my best twi bud and i saw ita further 6 times :lol:
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Re: New Moon-Your movie going experience

Post by saw93 »

did you go to a midnight showing or wait?
i waited to go and see the movie.
did you dress up or wear a special shirt?
i wanted to but i didnt have one yet :(
what were the crowds like?
HORRIBLE! so i wnt with a bunch of ppl who didnt read the book (BIG MISTAKE) through out the whole movie they kept asking me questions like does she know hes a wear wolf yet and y did she just crawl up and go to sleep in the woods. I didnt really get to watch the movie until i got on dvd.
Will you go see it again?
Ive watched new moon every night sense ive brought it home :) like 5 days ago haha
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Re: New Moon-Your movie going experience

Post by HarryTuttle »

I had a good time with the movie and being a guy and all, i thought it was less romantic and more on the characters. But i wish they could have marketed the movie right for the guys if it wasn't for the shirtless wolfpack. Yes that's a bit homoerotic and so was Top Gun, Commando or even 300 which guys do like but they worked out well.

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Re: New Moon-Your movie going experience

Post by Tornado »

I liked New Moon a lot, in spite of the fact that I'm Team Edward.

Ironically though, when I first saw it, I wouldn't have minded if it had been slightly less accurate, as I thought they were trying to make it so accurate that it felt rushed. They were trying to cram too much in. I felt if they'd left a couple of less important things out, they may have had more time to spend on the really important scenes. However, I am quite used to it now, and I do enjoy it, although I find the middle too depressing to watch most of the time. I usually skip to the cliff jump and watch from there. ;)

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Re: New Moon-Your movie going experience

Post by goldeneyedgirl14 »

i went twice. the first time with a boyfriend at the time, and right as edward and bella kissed in the beginning he put his arm around me, but when jacob was shirtless my friend and i and her mom were dazed by his sexiness, while my boyfriend and friends brother muttered "was that really necessaary?" at which point said friend and mother almost killed the two of them. because that was most dfinately necessary. the second was, well, interesting. the girl behind me started laughing hysterically when edward dumped bella, there were only like maybe 10 people in the theater i was with the same friend and when jacob took his shirt off to blot bella's head, i said, quite loudly i admit, :How you doin'? that got a good laugh. it was PERFECT. :clap:
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