Made fun of for liking Twilight?

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Re: Made fun of for liking Twilight?

Post by marielle »

pinkmoon wrote:My one friend made fun of me....I just lent her my copy of Twilight. :lol: We'll see what she has to say once she gets into it.
I did that with my mom... and it worked prefectly...she is now starting Eclipse and she likes the books very much....
i don't think she will become as crazy as me, but at least she knows what I'm talking about
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Re: Made fun of for liking Twilight?

Post by CaptainLulz »

Im goig to straight out say it- Im an anti. Im not a troll, and I come bearing peace. My mission is to try to clear up some falehoods or confusions about haters of the twilight series. We apologize if the more...dedicated anti's have harassed you as your dedicated fans have harrased us. For the sake of the first ammendmant I wish not to be banned, but I have no say in the matter.
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Re: Made fun of for liking Twilight?

Post by December »

Welcome! We'd prefer it if no one was on a mission here, just interested in open and respectful conversation about Twilight. There's certainly been a lot of regrettable bad feeling and bad conduct on all sides, out there in the wider world, and there's not much you can do to put that right. But if you'd like to build your own bridges with some people who like the books, understand how on earth it is that we like them (*grin*), and help us to understand why you don't, this is a good place to do it. Our aim here is to share our different perspectives, listen to one another and above all have fun!
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Re: Made fun of for liking Twilight?

Post by April Allen »

Yeah well, my friends always make fun of me about it :| I try not to listen to them, but sometimes it actually hurts, because I know that I am a little obsessed about all of this. And my family... they don't really care. I'm the only one in my family who is interested in the Twilight universe, and I have a few friends who like it also, but I don't know someone who is as obsessed as I am (in friendship), so that's why I joines web-sites like this one, so that I can share my thoughts and opinions about the Twilight Saga with people that are also obsessed with it :D
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Re: Made fun of for liking Twilight?

Post by KaseyHeartEdward »


My friends all thought i was nuts when i was first talking about the Twilight saga in like 2005. Going your reading a Vamp Book? Oh if we all knew how big it was going to become. LOL in a way soo main stream one reason i feel not many like it or they see the movies first. *shrugs* Books are better then the movies IMO.

Twilight is a great series. I love it. Even though i kinda grew out of it. But the series gave me a lot. Hell met one of my besties through Twilight.

But hey if people don't like it what and ever.

If they make fun. Oh well. *shrugs*

They don't know what they are missing right? :D ;)
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Re: Made fun of for liking Twilight?

Post by DudeRocksTheTwilight »

I'm a guy... and I liked Twilight? Where do you think my Masculinity Score stands with my guys my age? :D

That's exactly true to me. In my town, girls liking Twilight is awful, so being a Twi-Guy makes others laugh at me. But I don't care. That's why I'm on the Lex; it's my Twilight support group. It makes me feel like I'm normal.
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Re: Made fun of for liking Twilight?

Post by dazzledBrit »

My husband laughed at me and said I was obsessed when I dragged him to see New Moon having realised it was still on at a local cinema recently (missed it when it came out). He then came home and stayed up ALL NIGHT reading BD for the first time (keeping me up half the night too - I was not impressed!). I've told him that he no longer has a leg to stand on. :lol:

I've mentioned it to a few friends recently as I'm going to visit the Olympic Peninsula in March as part of a trip to Seattle (2 nights in La Push! OMG!) and have found a few other fans that I didn't know were fans. :)
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Re: Made fun of for liking Twilight?

Post by Susie »

I'm an "older" fan and I think some of my friends think that I'm in my second adolescence! Perhaps something to do with menopause crazies. It's too bad the books are thought to be YA when they are much deeper than that, very complex.

I'm trying to get more of my friends to actually read the books so they will know what this hysteria is all about.

A lot of people think that it is all about the HOT movie stars - but really, it is the BOOKS, with the actors being the icing on the cake! I admit, that's fun! I saw the two movies first and then read all four books. It wasn't until I read the books that I became, shall we say, "obsessed".

We love the books, therefore we love the movies, and then we want to read the books again, and then see the movies again, so it is a cycle!!!
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Re: Made fun of for liking Twilight?

Post by Knives »

I've been mocked for not liking the series, actually, which seems much more common (by the reports I've been able to gather) off the internet than on it. If I had a dollar for every time a fan IRL made fun of me for "not getting it," or "hating on Stephenie's genius"...well, I'd be able to afford that new toaster, anyway ~_^
Openhome wrote:Knives, I believe that..
wait for it...
you are right.
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Re: Made fun of for liking Twilight?

Post by Susie »

Knives wrote:I've been mocked for not liking the series
Knives - I respect that, but why are you on the Lex if you don't like the series? Are you saying perhaps that you like to discuss it, but just aren't as obsessed as some of the fans? I represent moderate obsession - I'm just having some fun in my menopausal years!!!! I loved the books, but so far have only read them once.

There is a spectrum to the fandom, and quite frankly, the far edge of obsessed is a little scary, but who am I to judge? We all have our reasons for escaping from reality. The important point here is for none of us to judge one another. We really are so different (by nature) and can't possibly have the same opinions! I apologize on those fans' behalf for their mistreatment of you!!

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