How to Create Links in Your Post

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How to Create Links in Your Post

Post by December » Thu Aug 13, 2009 7:27 pm

A) How to link to different Lex thread or an off-site URL.

1) navigate to the web page in your browser

2) copy the URL from your browser window

3) paste into your post

4) highlight the entire address and click on the URL button (at top of composition box, beside Bold, Italic, Underline, Quote etc. buttons). The address should now be bracketed by things that look like ....

5) try it out in Preview. The address should appear in green type and work as a hyperlink. You can test it out clicking on it. If you do, you can navigate back to your Preview page using the Back button on your browser. DO NOT CLOSE THE PAGE OR YOU WILL LOSE YOUR POST!!!!

B) How to Link to A Specific Lex Post (as opposed to thread)

1) navigate to the desired post with your browser

2) find the poster’s name at the top of the post (where it says “by So-and-So") and click on the tiny green box to the left of it. The page will refresh.

3) copy the new URL from your browser window (the URL will be different from the one you first got when you navigated to the page)

4) paste into your post

5) turn the address into a hyperlink, following steps 4-5 from the previous section.

C) How to create fancy URL links (where the text itself acts as a link and no URL address is visible)

1) copy the URL address you want a link to.

2) highlight the text you want to use as your link.

3) click URL button (at top of composition box, near Bold, Italic etc). This will bracket text with ...

4) inside the first , insert an = after url and then paste ... l=URL]TEXT

where URL is the address you pasted in and TEXT is your desired text. Make sure there are no spaces!

5) try it out in preview. You should see your chosen text in green like a hyperlink, with no URL address visible -- and if you click on it, it should take you where you want to go. Again remember... if you do, you can navigate back to your preview page using the Back button on your browser. DO NOT CLOSE THE PAGE OR YOU WILL LOSE YOUR POST!!!

6) if in future you forget the exact formula, just mouse-over the URL button -- you will see a little prompt below to remind you of the right syntax.

This is a first attempt at writing out these instructions. If you find them confusing -- or they don't work -- please pm me and let me know.

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Re: How to Insert Hyperlinks into Your Post

Post by Openhome » Thu Aug 13, 2009 8:15 pm

Thank you so much for posting this! I have been trying to figure that out for the longest time, and all I have been doing is screwing up. Thanks again, I'm off to do it right this time. Maybe :?

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