Maggie Grace as Irina

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Maggie Grace as Irina

Post by Openhome »

Discuss the actress Maggie Grace here.
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Re: Maggie Grace as Irina

Post by Melody »

I saw Maggie in Taken and thought she was good - but a bit childish for her characters age.
Hopefully a few years on have developed her acting skills :/ but I guess we wont be seeing her too much because Irina doesn't have many lines.
I'm loving the blonde hair now though! She looks gorgeous :)

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Re: Maggie Grace as Irina

Post by Jestak »

I also saw Maggie in Taken when it was out in theaters. It's kind of hard to get a read on her as a performer in that film because she isn't onscreen all that much, and as I recall she's pretty much a passive girl-in-distress for most of the movie.
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Re: Maggie Grace as Irina

Post by SwanCullen »

I think she definitly has the looks. Although, I imagined her more for Tanya and the girl for Tanya for Irina. But, I think it'll be okay. I haven't seen her in anything though.
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Re: Maggie Grace as Irina

Post by lady4string »

I loved MG in Lost and Taken. Can't wait to see how she does Irina.
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