Rob's Halfway House -- #8

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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Post by VolturiGirl »

Hey Lexicon Sisters,
Ya, it's Monday. I am a Ms. Grumpy Pants today. So tired from vacation. I need a day off to recover from my week off.

So this is more like a fly-by than an actual post.

Caryn ~ Because I "stole" your RobCrack, here is some Finger Pornfor you.

Jaclyn ~ so sorry about your car problems. I hope that you will be able to find a new car at a resonable price. I have a 24 foot deck boat. I will get a picture of my boat and post it on facebook so you can see what it looks like.

Tonsie ~ Twins!! How exciting. One more month for your step-niece. Do you know the sex of the babies yet?

Desiree ~ can't wait to see your pics of ActionRob

Susie ~ Glad you had fun with your friend Mary.

Ginnie ~ Hey lady. How funny that you almost had a Target - twi - sister.

Rachel (preggers) ~ How are you feeling today?

Marielle ~ Ha ha. Your grandpa had a birthday party at the other end of the country.

To everyone else, hello. :wave: Sorry so quick.
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Post by openfire »

Back again Sisters!

Just had to pop in and tell Susie that I have actually emailed her tonight :) To make up for my very delayed response, have some undressing Rob ;)

And for everyone else, have a little Edward & Bella love (loving the new stills!)

Amy - Wow, 24 foot - that seems giant (to me, but I know not a lot about boats LOL!). Would be great to see pics :) Hope your Monday flies past, and you feel a little more relaxed tomorrow :)

Ok now I really have to run to bed - catch you later folks!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Post by older_twilight_fan »

Hello ladies~ Yay to us all for surviving another Monday. :clap: I actually made it home from work almost 10 minutes before my daughter got off the bus, without even getting a speeding ticket. :D It's kind of frustrating having to leave work by 2:20 pm to get home before she does, as I usually stayed until 3:00 pm last year, when both kids were in elementary school. It doesn't seem as if those 40 minutes would make a big difference, but I miss having those few extra minutes to treat a patient who needs a little additional treatment time, or to finish up documentation and treatment notes.

Jaclyn~ Great to see you again hon, and we do miss you around here! I'm sorry you haven't found much time to post with your busy work schedule, but congratulations on your position being made permanent! I'm sorry about the car issues as those are always such a pain in the rear, and hope you find a solution to the car problem. I bet that was pretty scary, breaking down on the motorway. I'm glad you had a great weekend with your niece and nephews, and I'm sure they had as much fun as you and your bf did. As far as fanfiction, other than Offside, I'm also reading Ginnie's stories, Dear Mr. Masen by jennde; Forget Me Not by Sydney Alice;
Nightingale by Lady Gwynedd; In Your World by solostintwilight; An Introduction to Swirl and Daisy; and Inside Man by ooza, as well as a few others I can't recall right now.

Caryn~ We've missed you too, and assumed you'd been somewhat overtaken with RL stuff- work and the boys' activiites. Hope we see you later tonight if you have time, and I also hope you have the chance to catch your breath.

Marielle~ I'm sorry you missed seeing your Grandpa when you made plans to visit, but it's kind of funny that he was off partying somewhere. That must be what keeps him young and active; now we know where you get it from. :D How is you ankle holding up, with your recent celebrating over the weekend?

Ginnie~ Loved the story your related from your Target visit when you heard Super Massive Black Hole as someone's ringtone, and how you ended up sharing a chat together. I always have a goofy smile wherever I am, when I hear something from any of the three soundtracks. Did your daughter feel better and was she able to attend school today? How did LilRob do during his first day of pre-school today.... and maybe more importantly, how did Mama do? ;) We have missed your more frequent postings around here, but completely understand while you were away. We're glad you've had the time to grieve the loss of your sweet dog, and hope the special time with the kiddos the past couple of weeks helped with the healing a little bit. I'd meant to tell you how much I'm loving the story Arms, and my, oh, my certainly upped the citrus factor just a bit, in a very tasteful way, I might add. :D I can't wait to see where the story goes from here.

Susie~ I'm glad you had a lovely visit with Mary over the weekend, and especially enjoyed lunch and your special purchases. I'm very jealous of your gorgeous weather. When do you head to Charlottesville to pick up your FIL's car? It sounds like it'll be a quick trip.

Desiree~ Sorry you're having computer problems, and hope they're resolved quickly.

Amy~ Glad you had a great time on vacation, and good luck with all the laundry. :)

Missp~ Hope you're feeling better hon, and here's to a great 2nd week for you! You almost needed a weekend to recover, after your busy weekend. ;)

Have a great evening, and I hope to check back in one more time tonight.
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Post by VirginiaMay »

Okay, I'm going to try and make this super-quick because I have an hour to spend with my kids before bedtime, plus I have to clean up the kitchen from dinner, and I have a writing "date" on Skype at 9pm. So... let's do this:

Caryn~ At least you pop in when you're busy. I just fell off the face of the earth. :?

Jacyln~ The repairman can't get here until Wednesday at the earliest. It will be $59.99 US dollars for the service call and then I imagine they'll have to order parts. They usually do. I would guess it will be close to $150 at a minimum. I could almost buy a new washer for that, but that wouldn't be very "green" of me, would it?

Marielle~ We were late getting out the door this morning. Shocking, I know. :roll: Yes, sadly, my son has picked up a lot of Twilight related stuff despite my attempts to keep it from the kids. My husband gives me grief to no end over that. Oh well...

Tracy~ I did well today, as did Lil Rob. It was only 9 to 12, so I barely had time to miss him. And thank you, sweetness... I'm so glad you're enjoying "Arms", you embarrass me though. :blush: See, um... there was a reason I was afraid to ask the elegant and refined Ms. Susie to beta for me. I hope she's forgiven me (even though I know she wasn't really offended to begin with), but I was really nervous about going there considering the content of chapters 7 & 8. Again... :blush: I am really happy with the story and the response though, and it's been fun to just let go and write.

Alright, well...I'm off now. I'm really, really hoping to finish the next installment of What Drives Her tonight. (But then, I've been saying that since Thursday. :banghead: )


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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Post by Edwards Ragazza »

Hey girls Hope your Monday started off good. Well I woke up today with a list a mile long that I needed to do I realized while driving to the gym for a 30 minute workout I realized CRAP my school starts tonight. Long story short I have been running around like a tornado. I still don’t know what is going on with the camera and my phone and the computer. I see that it uploads the pictures but then when I try to upload them to my tiny pic account I can’t find them. Frustrating!

So as you know ActionRob landed in Southern California where it is sunny 99% of the time.

AR offered to let me drive since he realizes how much I spend in the car and told me if he did he could get my errands done in half the time. So I let him and as you can see the result by his hair just how fast we were going.

He is defiantly missing Forks since it is so sunny here but as I promised he would like it in the morning. He even said the Cottage off to the left reminded him of Bella and how much he misses Forks and her and can't wait to get back there.

He loved all the merchandise and support I give as a fan..

Hi Jaclyn ~ I remember planning my wedding. It took so much time and work. You will find that dress I promise. My lil guys lip is healing I think there will be a scar on his lip from where they put it back together since he split it apart. His gums though are a mess. I hope that also goes back to the norm. I am also doing well just busy with the kiddos which doesn’t give me free time for me. You are probably understanding that when you watch your niece. They are worth it though despite all my rants. :) . Thank you for asking. Even though I haven’t been on here much I do skim when I get a few free secs and you are missed. Do you know what you are going to do about your car yet?

Susie~ Sounds like you had a nice time with your friend.

Ginnie~ It is so funny that you ask about my daughter and ActionRob b/c this morning she was coming out of my office where ActionRob stays out of his box so he is comfortable and she hands him to me in his box and says “Here mommy Bye Bye and waves to the doll. Guess that tells you she hasn’t warmed up to him still. :lol:

I think you asked me about my kiddos school since your start tomorrow. Most kids have already started as of today. I think mine start later since they are going to a different district and it’s a preschool which mostly follows that towns district. Sounds though you had a wonderful summer with a lot of family activities. Gotta love that sunny weather that you and I both have.

Caryn~ Hope it slows down for you later on today. Did your kids start school to?

Amy~ I can understand when you are feeling grumpy. I am no fun to be around when I am that way. I usually just stay away until it blows over. I hope you get rest tonight.

Tracy~ Do you try to get there for you daughter so she isn’t alone? Hope this question makes sense. The reason why I am asking is b/c my husband and I discussed how I will only be working part time or at least till 30 minuets before the kids our out of school. So I can always pick them up and so they are not alone at home.

Alright girls I gotta spend some time with my kids today before I take off for school. Tonight my class is one of the recs for child development and tomorrow is English.

Nighty night!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Post by missp »

Happy Monday, Girls! I am feeling much better today! :D I thought I might make it to do a little writing tonight, but I'm just not feeling it right now. I am so hoping that after things get settled and I get into a regular schedule, I'll feel the old juices flowing again! I forgot to tell Y'all that the twins are fraternal... one boy and one girl! Well, today was business as usual in the classroom. We worked in Math, Reading, Grammar, Spelling, and Science... so we are officially off to the races! Those who decided to spend their time socializing during group time today went home with ALOT of homework. I'm sure they'll figure out really soon that managing their time wisely is... wise! :lol:

Desiree~~Action Rob looks right at home there even if your daughter isn't quite his biggest fan right now! :lol: :lol: That cracked me up!! Love the pics!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Post by Jazz Girl »

Hey sisters! Swinging in to say hello and goodnight. Hubs just got home with Biggun from band practice, so I've got to go check homework. Thankfully, I was just getting this posted when they got home.

Jaclyn~ Thus far, he seems to be enjoying himself. He’s loving band and doing pretty well in his classes thus far. It’s only the first week, but we’re happy with the way things are going. *whimper* Oh my….

Amy~ Holy Hell!!! Girl, you can steal my RobCrack any day if you are going to repay me like that!!! *stares at heavenly fingers*

Tracy~ I get it completely. I’m just glad you have the freedom to do that. Last year, we had to let Littlun get himself off the bus and in the door because Hubs couldn’t get home until 10 minutes after he got off the bus. it was always so nervewracking. But, paying an extra $70 per week for him to spend 10 minutes at the afterschool club didn’t make any kind of sense. Unfortunately, we didn’t have any neighbors we knew well enough for him to go to their house, either. It was a really difficult position to be in. What do you think about Dear Mr Masen? I adore her writing, but I haven’t gotten a chance to read that one yet.

Ginnie~ Meh, we all do what we have to do to get through. You didn’t fall off the face of the Earth. You just took a sabbatical. :lol:

Desiree~ LOVE the pics of ActionRob!! I don’t like TinyPic. I’ve heard that it causes lots of issues. Yes, my boys started school last week. They’re both liking it.

Tonise~ Glad to hear you are feeling better. Yeah, if you aren’t feeling the writing, don’t force it. Just enjoy the quiet time.
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Post by velvet409 »

Good Evening Sisters!

Hopefully this week at work will be less crazy than the last two have been. I'm going to be optimistic and kick things off this week with a nice treat. I love this song!

Tracy~ Target doesn't carry EW? How odd. I've never checked because there's not a Target convenient to me. Publix does carry it oddly enough but they're always an issue behind. Same with Walmart. We can always hope HP becomes the dark horse of the Oscars next year. Once again I am totally jealous that another sister has gotten to see the BD trailer on the big screen.

Caryn~ So sorry to hear about your cousin getting injured. I will certainly pray for a quick recovery. You're right about Chloe not being impressed with her dietary restrictions. Frankly I'm not impressed with it either because I have to make sure I'm home at the right time to feed them. It makes traveling problematic because I can't just have someone come check on them every other day. Experts generally recommend leaving food down so that your cat can eat at their leisure throughout the day. The problem is that if I leave any food down Chloe will sit and eat it until it's gone regardless of hunger. I've never seen a cat that was a compulsive eater before. What really stinks is that because I have to keep Chloe on a regimen, my other two cats have to be on it as well. They have to eat at the same time she does because I can't leave food available to them during the day.

Susie~ I certainly am going to miss Borders. At least their member rewards program was free. B&N charges an annual fee for theirs, which means that they pretty much make up the difference in price that members pay from the members themselves. :roll: Not much incentive if you ask me. Congrats on finishing your online courses!

Rachel~ It's been confirmed that all three babies will be boys and it's definitely possible that they could grow up as friends. Three of the ladies have daughters close in age and they do play together occasionally. I've seen tv documentaries about Vlad Dracula. Interesting and kind of scary too. There was a story a little while back that a genealogist had claimed that Rob was related to Vlad and they were making a big deal out of it. However it's really not that surprising if you think about it. His supposed connection to Vlad is through the British royal family. First, just about every family in England probably has some connection to the aristocracy somewhere in their history. Second, all of the royal families of Europe are related through centuries of inter-marriage, so there are probably a ton of people who can claim some relation to Vlad.

Tonise~ I'm glad you survived your first week back at school. Sorry your weekend was lousy but I see that you're feeling better today. :clap:

Jaclyn~ I'm sorry about your car. Believe me I was exactly where you are a few months ago, trying to figure out how much I could afford to pay monthly for a new car. It can be stressful. Good luck in your search and congratulations on being hired on a permanent basis at your job! I'll keep my fingers crossed that you find "the one" soon. ;)

Ginnie~ It's actually kind of strange to be writing this right now since we're actually texting each other at this very moment. :lol: Sorry about the washing machine. My bad luck with appliances seems to have spread to you. :blush: I'm watching the radar too, but like I said I'm hoping for something to give Irene a little nudge further out into the Atlantic. Did Lil Lady make it to school today? I liked your story about your almost Target Twi-sister. Too bad she wasn't a local though. Where we live that's a common occurence unfortunately.

Marielle~ How frustrating to make plans with someone and drive all that way just to find that they've decided to go do something else. :banghead:

Desiree~ Thanks for sharing those ActionRob pics with us. I look forward to more!

Now a gift for those of you who made it through my megapost. Good night!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Post by VirginiaMay »

Hi Again! Up late writing & someone shared this with me. It's so lovely. I think it's time for my fanfic B & E to get to those piano lessons finally. Yep, definitely time for some piano.

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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Post by Susie »

Hi All!

EDIT: Sorry this is such bad photography, but here is Sonny Boy doing Mexican Cloud Swing

Today Sonny Boy and I went shopping for his Dorm stuff. We went to IKEA and had a great time. We even ate lunch there.

I have officially finished my online course. Now I have to implement my lesson plan in the fall, but that will be fun.

Remember all my talk of getting crowns on my teeth? Well, they aren't quite right now - my bite is off. I have an appointment to see the dentist tomorrow. It is discouraging. He can't take the crowns off since they are permanently cemented on - he has to file them to get the fit right. I grind my teeth at night, so maybe something moved. Anyway - Grrr!

Ginnie – That’s so cool that you almost found your own TargetTwiSister! So funny! I hear you on the waking up early bit. It’s just not natural! It’s crazy and exciting getting the kids back to school. I’m glad you found writing helped you deal with letting your poor doggie go.You’re good under time pressure! I love how you integrated making your Lex post…Yay for getting closer to WDH. Oh – Arms – I thought it was because of the guns!! I’m sure I’ll get around to reading it. I do think you are an excellent writer and it must be good. I just have to be in the right frame of mind for it. Plus I don’t exactly have much free time right now. Since I’m so elegant and refined, I’m not offended that you didn’t ask me to beta. So of course you’re not offended that I haven’t read it yet, right? That piano pic….*drooling on keyboard*

Marielle – How frustrating that your grandpa was actually in your very town while you were looking for him in his! Ooops! I know you’ve been unhappy with your job lately – have you been looking around for a new one?

– I picture you zipping around town all weekend. Is it actually more relaxing at work? Wow. You have to check homework already? Those kids just can’t goof off. Actually, I am VERY excited about not having to be on homework patrol anymore. I just have to worry remotely that Sonny isn’t doing his work. At least I don’t have to sit next to him and prod him. It will be all up to him.

– It’s so nice to have you back! Don’t worry about not getting those chapters back to me until today – I knew you were swamped. We didn’t spend too much for the kids’ birthdays because we have to spend thousands of dollars on their tuition and they know that there isn’t much left after that. Still, they did get presents. Chocolate and crisps? Is that your tea (supper)? Nice pics – that one of the two of them on the beach – look at his beautiful hand and look at her hand. It’s just all very distracting!

– I laughed when I read that you were Ms.Grumpy Pants today. That’s just how I feel often on Mondays back at work.

– You’ll get used to the new schedule of leaving work earlier than you are used to. It’s a good thing that your job is flexible enough to allow that. AND I’m glad you sneak in a post when you get home! Car pick up starts Wednesday. I should be home on Monday.

– Love the ActionRob photos! I’m glad you could get them posted. You know what? I’ve forgotten all about meetings and have had the same feeling you had today. Everything is going along just fine – well you’ve figured out how to pack it all in your day and then you realize that you almost forgot an important schedule item. It is so disappointing and embarrassing. The last time it happened to me, I just wanted to go back to bed and hide under the covers. I was so not in the mood for that meeting!! I love what your daughter said “Here Mommy Bye Bye” Hilarious! She’s just not ready for Rob.(Good thing, eh?)

– I’m so glad you’re feeling better. You got to teach grammar today? Be still my heart! What was the lesson? (I’ve been off duty so long, I miss it)

– Texting while Lexing? Cool. Hey- might you reconsider facebook? We have a nice HH Group set up there…

Nighty Night!

EDIT: Added circus video link at the top of post.