Taking Down Hair Boy

It's More than Hair
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Taking Down Hair Boy

Post by The Real Renesmee Cullen »


Alright, Lexers.
That's it. We've had enough. The Cullens are ready to fight to take back the Lex!
Justin Bieber may be a nice kid (and use great hair products) but he can't hold a candle to a Cullen!
Besides, do you really want a blog dedicated to a guy who looks a lot like my mother?

What do you say? Are you ready to join us and take the Lex Blog back from Hair Boy?

Tell the Lex what you think of its new blog!
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Re: Taking Down Hair Boy

Post by Suzan »

LOL!! OMG! This is too freaking funny! I can't take it :lol: :rotfl: :lol: Can't.. breathe... :swoon:

It's a good thing I'm free and home alone right now. If people saw me like this, they'd think I'd gone crazy... OR they'd think I caught Bieber Fever... Iek :-?

Well played Lexicon, well played :hello:

But as much fun as it was, I stand by Renesmee's side. The Cullens are way, way, hotter then Hair Boy!

*brings out banners and a megaphone*
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Re: Taking Down Hair Boy

Post by corona »

Hair. Boy. Must. Go.

This is the reason why Bella didn't even look at boys until she saw Edward.

If JB was a vampire, his power would be even stronger than Fred's. Where is the vomit smiley when you need one?
"It will take an amazing amount of control,” she mused. “More even than Carlisle has. He may be just strong enough…the only thing he’s not strong enough to do is stay away from her. That’s a lost cause.”
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Re: Taking Down Hair Boy

Post by piya »

i agree with you renesmee.
Justin Beiber cant stand a chance in front of the Cullens.
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Re: Taking Down Hair Boy

Post by smitten_by_twilight »

THANK GOODNESS THE CULLENS ARE BACK! I see you were sick of the Bieb after 26 minutes, Renesmee, and I totally support you. It was a funny-once and now IT'S GONE!!! :clap:

Corona, that was an awesome obscure Fred reference, it took me a whole minute or two to figure it out! :lol: Great to see your posting and Suzan's. :wave: I get to the blog daily but the forum only when I squeeze the time out of my responsibilities and sleep, but I'm enjoying seeing your posts!
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Re: Taking Down Hair Boy

Post by myra »

well definately CULLENS rule... :swoon:

hair boy go away... :wave:

cullens r way better dan him..
i cnt bear another beiber song... :banghead:

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Re: Taking Down Hair Boy

Post by AleaHale »

The hair boy needs to learn who to NOT mess with... and the Cullen's are one of them. Mess with the Cullen's and We'll mess with you. :twisted: :wave:
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